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There is a close relationship between lyrics and melody of a song. Some performers do both, compose the music and do the text, and the other ones choose the poems to set them to music. So, it is worth thinking whether one way is better than the other in song and lyrics formation, since music is a form of art which can be expressed by means of sound and silence. It means that it can either be performed as a song or composed. This is because it entails elements such as pitch, intonation, melody and harmony, which synchronizes all the elements to bring about rhythm. Therefore, a music composer may write a poem with the intention of it being performed as poetry but we may find that when being accompanied by musical instruments such as piano, guitar or violin, the intended poem may later become a song. This can be seen in the works by Francesco Landini, who was an Italian composer and organist. He had a great ability in singing, writing poetry and composition. This is one of the examples when a person could sing, write poetry and compose lyrics at the same time. Another good example is Franz Schubert who was a prolific composer and a solo-pianist. On the other hand, as a composer, a person may come up with a poem or a song for other musicians and not get necessarily be involved in it (Kurt, 2005).

Different individuals hold different perceptions and preferences for various types of music and songs. Personally, I have strong preference when it comes to the choice of music. Music can hae different effects on our minds: it may influence our thinking capacity or the relationships with our peers and elders. The performer may write his or her own lyrics out of his or her personal experience or just for enjoyment, (Kreissle, 1866). For instance, there are some performers who will use abusive or taboo words while composing a song in order to get attention of young people and they may not bother about some bed effects of this kind of music. Therefore, by the virtue of music being an art, we find that the practice of setting existing poetry to new music may be acceptable as long as it communicates the intended message. For instance, a song such as ‘one sweet day ‘by Mariah Carey and Boys to Men is a poem and a song at the same time. Therefore, music should have a soothing effect on our mind. It should have smooth sound and a meaningful message to produce the desired result in the final phase of its composing. Consequently, these types of music are well coordinated and more of a poetry when the performer starts to sing it (Donald, 1960)

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