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A practice of sharing musical experience and observing band during live concerts is extremely significant to musicians of any kind. As an example, Diablo Valley College Symphonic Band has managed to create a beautiful concert program and provide a marvelous performance. While working on the presented musical analysis, much attention was paid to two particular creations that cannot be omitted under any circumstances. Without a doubt, the significance of such musical pieces as “Children’s March” by Percy Grainger and “Flight” by Brian Balmages is worth taking into consideration. I have manifested a profound interest in these musical examples, as they pertain to the category of ethnic melodies which means they represent a unique style in the context of the musical sphere. Thus, the leading goal of this reflection is to provide a critical overview of the chosen compositions, evaluate their particular features, and underline the distinguishing characteristics.

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The first tune “Children’s March” conducted by Percy Grainger serves as an unusual type of music with its special colorful prose. Remarkably, it possesses idiosyncratic folk song settings, which means that this sound has inherited “a nature of winds.” Since I am extremely interested in this genre of music, the play impressed me very much. It has had an apparent influence on me, and the arrangements of the orchestra have also left some unforgettable emotions. Furthermore, I tried to make an emphasis on every particular detail that I have noticed during the listening of this song. Its flexible instrumentation as well as a very specific vision could not keep the whole audience indifferent.. In the aspect of the music terminology, such play appears to propose a mixed structure to the listeners. Conventionally, the usage of violins, violas, and cellos has also made a great impression and significantly contributed to the performance. Besides, such flexibility is not uncommon in the works of this composer. The inclusion of the piano with the combination of two four-part vocal passages cannot be neglected, too. Moreover, the piano solo was a brave and interesting idea, which combined with a ethnic melodies into a great musical masterpiece. Owing to this manner of interpretation, the folk and ethnical composition left a positive impression. The application of lower octaves also created a particular atmosphere. As a result, this performance can be estimated as a magnificent play.

Furthermore, the second composition “Flight” directed by Brian Balmages is also worth remarking in this context. From my point of view, it has had a tremendous impact on the whole audience. Its purpose is to explore the space dimension and reach an apogee of a state of weightlessness. To continue, this masterpiece assisted in increasing the general awareness in the distinguishing between music terms. For instance, I have discovered the notions of “circle repetitions,” “double sounding,” and other vital categories in terms of providing the music analysis for this composition. Subsequently, I received the valuable information concerning this type of the musical piece. Also, the main thing, that attracted my attention, revealed in the incredible brass of fanfares. Conventionally, the woodwind that flourishes during the whole play is a particular feature of this masterpiece. To be more precise, this magical play delivered to the audience a bundle of energy and from the first melody signs till the end, I was enchanted. That is why this composition will remain a real breakthrough for me. All in all, it is worth adding that its monumental nature assures some positive prerequisites for the following research of this work.

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To conclude, it is essential to highlight that the presented music pieces have influenced me in terms of music evaluation and comprehension. As both of these creations ensure a relevant understanding of the ethnical compositions, I cannot underestimate their importance for me. The proposed evaluation of these songs has depicted the distinguishing characteristics of the arrangements and variations that emerge in the context of the coherent sounding, the complex of instrumentation, and a remarkable tone of “nature.”

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