Music Publishing Research Report

Nowadays music has become an industry, where everyone is eager to work. Many young people want to be rock or pop stars, although just few of them understand how hard it is and how talented one should be to become famous.

Like in every business, songwriters, singers, music writers sign contracts. If one is a young songwriter, he or she should understand the importance of working with someone more experienced. In such cases, such contracts as publishing deal are very useful.
One may disagree, because nobody wants to share money with anybody.

Let us try to understand whether it is good to sign such a contract for a beginner or not.
Publishing deal is a contract signed by the owner (songwriter) and a company. In the publishing deal, the sides (the owner and the company) establish the principles of owning the rights for songs.

There are a lot of advantages of such a deal.
If a person is a beginner, he or she cannot afford just to write songs, one needs some money to make a living. This shows the first, and probably, one of the main advantages of a publishing deal. It is a draw. According to the rights a songwriter has, the company may pay him or her some amount of money to live on and have the opportunity to write songs all day long.
After signing the publishing deal, a songwriter often gets some money for demo budget, so it will be easier for him or her to start the career.

Another profit of such a contract is the so-called “song pluggers”. If the song does not fit the style of the singer, the song plugger will find another singer who can perform the song. It means that none of songwriter’s songs will be wasted or forgotten.
The other important advantage is that having signed the contract, a beginner has the opportunity not only to work properly but also to meet new people, songwriters, singers, music publishers. It may help him or her in the future after this publishing deal is over.
These are the main advantages of signing such a deal. Though, as in every aspect of our life, there are also disadvantages.

Draw and demo budget will not be given to the songwriter just because the manager believed in his or her talent. When the company begins to get income from one’s songs, the songwriter will be asked to give draw and demo budget back. It is like a loan from bank.

The idea of song pluggers, is very interesting and may be inspiring, one should keep in mind that he or she is still a beginner, and these songs will not be prior in a song plugger’s choice.

Someone may say it is an advantage, someone considers it a disadvantage, but a songwriter should work every day, every hour to become better. Even, if one has become a very famous songwriter, everyone admits his or her talent, one should not forget, and that fame is very changeable.

Here, this work has outlined the main pros and cons of signing the publishing deal. In any case, it is up to songwriter to decide whether to sign it or not.

If a songwriter is against it, he or she may start writing and publishing the songs on one’s own. Though, in this case, one should find the singers, pitch the songs, make demos and held the negotiations about admitting the copyright of the songs and so on.
On the one hand, it is very difficult, and one may say that it requires a lot of time.

Obviously, success in every sphere of our life needs a lot of work and time. Even, if a person is talented, he or she will still need the help of professionals to be recognized.

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