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Music Piracy

Whether pirating copyrighted music is a crime or not is a controversial issue that has drawn various opinions from people. Music pirates copy and sell copyrighted music with no consent from the owner. This is considered to be a copyright infringement, which is a crime. Some people argue that pirating copyrighted music is not a serious crime, and nobody gets hurt in the ordeal. In addition, piracy helps the music industry in a way by distributing more music for the musicians, taking into consideration the commercial system by enabling people to listen to new music and find out about new artists via listening to music collections of their friends. This consequently encourages them to attend the live concerts of those musicians, which in turn benefits the musicians. I totally disagree with the above argument that pirating copyrighted music is not a crime. In my opinion, it is an act that is not only morally wrong, but also against the law. Piracy is simply stealing and benefiting from the hard work of not only artists, but also other people involved in music production such as computer technicians, audio engineers, songwriters etc. It is a criminal act that should be punished because it is continuously robbing the music industry of billions of dollars, which is unfair and immoral.

Whether I Would Want a Potential Employer to See My Facebook Profile

The social media have dramatically changed the ways people interact, be it friends, colleagues, family etc. The data people avail in social sites enable them to have an idea of persons they are going to meet or cooperate. In the recent past, employers have opted to get information about their potential employees by means of their Facebook profile. It is an additional opportunity to know their future employees better. However, the ethics of this act is questionable. It is crucial to mention that most of the information presented on Facebook profiles is not appropriate for hiring decisions for instance, political and religious views, racial background of potential employees, alongside their friends and family, as well as their sexual orientation. This might incite discrimination among employers i.e. a Christian employer may not be willing to hire a Muslim employee. In my opinion, I would not want a potential employer to see my profile simply because it is a violation of my privacy rights. Much of the information on my profile is private and meant to improve my social network. Also, there are high chances that a potential employer can misjudge their future employees analyzing their profile information.

Product Liability

This issue refers to the legal responsibility of producers, wholesalers and retailers to the consumers of their products for injuries or damages that are caused by utilizing defective merchandise, which was provided for sale. Defective products include contaminated food products, faulty automobile parts, inappropriate labels etc. The person, who has been hurt by the defective product, has a right to take legal action against the producer of the defective product for damages. Compensation is usually claimed based on breach of guarantee, negligence, as well as absolute responsibility.

The Amount of Liability a Company Should Have For Its Products

It is tricky to tell how much liability insurance a company needs without assessing the company in terms of the business it operates, and services offered among others. That is why it is vital to have liability estimates. Some insurance firms recommend that companies purchase a minimum of $ 1,000,000. While some companies may consider buying as much liability insurance as they can afford to pay, this might not be the case with others which have the low risk factors to require high coverage. Therefore, the amount of liability depends on the individual company. There are many factors to consider prior to making the decision purchase liability insurance for instance; the amount of exposure a company has with customers regarding to how frequent they visit its premises. Constant visits by clients to a company’s business premises means there is a high likelihood of an accident occurring within the premises, which the company has to be liable for, and; therefore, the liability insurance should be high.

How to Avoid Suicide Cases of People Whose Intimate Moments Have Been Uploaded on YouTube without Their Consent

To avoid such situations from recurring, stringent laws should be enacted to punish people who upload other people’s videos on the Internet without their consent as a way to discourage others who may contemplate doing similar things in the future.


Bioterrorism refers to the utilization, or threatened use of biological agents to spread or promote intimidation or fear on an individual, groups or population for political, religious, financial, ideological or personal purposes/ terrorist purposes.

Whether Bioterrorism Is an Ever-Increasing Threat

In my opinion, bioterrorism is a threat that is on the increase. This is because the cost of accessing biological agents is much lower compared to the cost of accessing arms and weapons used by terrorists. In addition, people fear these agents because of the possibility of them carrying killer or incurable diseases that are resistant to antibiotics and vaccines. This not only makes them cost effective, but also preferable by terrorists. Therefore, more cases of bioterrorism threats are to be expected in the future.

Whether Children Have Grown Immune to Violence Because It Is so Prevalent in the Media

Children spend a lot of time watching television and playing video games, which more often than note, have violent contents for instance, in cartoons. While cartoon images are pleasant to their eyes, and they may not comprehend the violence in them, children tend to copy the acts they see being performed in the cartoons they watch. This is because the violent acts in children’s shows are depicted with less harm and pain to the victim, and most of the time, humor is integrated to make them look less serious. Consequently, children have become immune to violence, both on screen and in the society because of the distorted message they have, regarding its seriousness.

Whether Children Today Are Different Because of the Exposure

Exposure to media violence has made children of today very different. They are more aggressive and violent than in the past due to the constant exposure to violent movies and shows which have been encoded in their minds. For instance, it is easier for them to begin a fight whenever they disagree with their friends since they get an opportunity to practice what they see in the media.

Whether Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps and Pete Rose Should Be Banned for Sexual Assault Charges, Pot Smoking, and Gambling Respectively

Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps and Pete Rose are very prominent American sportsmen in basketball, swimming and baseball respectively. In my opinion, sportsmen are public figures who are role models to a majority of their fans, that is why engaging in acts like rape gambling addiction and marijuana smoking do not give a good example to the public, and; therefore, they should be banned from playing. Though, this may sound harsh it should be done to discourage future indiscipline by others sportsmen and women.

The Sponsorships by Companies

Companies sponsoring above the people should withdraw their sponsorships with immediate effect because they have not only brought shame to those companies, but also to the sporting fraternity at large.

Why People Should Be Fired for Blogging, Playing Games etc at Work, yet the Internet Is not Regulated

While the PC and the Internet are meant to improve work performance and employee relations, certain employees are addicted to using the Internet for personal use even against company policy. Some companies usually give warnings to people found using the Internet for personal use, while others fire them. In my opinion, unregulated use of the Internet reduces concentration and the overall work productivity of employees, and, consequently, the company pays them for less work. Therefore, they should be fired to bring in new employees who are willing and ready to work with minimal supervision, to enable the company to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

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