Music Memoir

Memory is the art of a person's mind meditating the past story, history, scene or an event. It's actually the vivid remembrance of the situation that took place during the occurrence of an event sometimes at the past. To me music has influenced and interfered with part or whole of my life. I can vividly remember past musical events from where my ears got the first earshot of music relics and rhythms that I remember up to now. I can recall the instance in which I got hold of a small radio in my mother's bedroom. By then I was young and could not understand what I was doing. I pressed the button on the small gadget and the sound of it made me scared. I had to run away screaming at the top of my voice when some sounds emanated from it. From then I could here the sounds of instruments and the voices of people whom I did not know that they were singing. I used to enjoy the rhythms and the meaningless voices but from a distance or from my mother's rap.

I cannot remember how long it took me to identify the music I was listening to and enjoying its rhythm. But I can remember to hear my mother sing the same tune that emanated from the radio. It was classical music. She could often sing whenever my dad was around and they could keep on laughing and tossing me up and down. It was no doubt my dad was also enjoying the same. It never took me long before I could also sing the same. Whenever my dad was around I could author those same words I heard from my mother to him. He could hold me to his broad and wide chest and kiss me. This was the time when classical musical memories were a source of happiness in my life. My parents too could be seen happy, not because I was enjoying their happiness but because the music itself could remind them of their past that was full of love.

When I was of age and able to distinguish a radio, I could switch it on and listen to anything from it. Switching on and off was never a problem to me as I already knew where to button. One day as I was listening to the radio I heard one caller requesting for a song known as 'you don't have to say love me' by Simon Nappier Bell. By then I was able to make out and understand English which is my first language. At first the request was meaningless to me till it was played on air. Surprisingly, that was the title of the song I had enjoyed with my mother and dad for a long time. That is how I knew the title of this song that I enjoy so immensely up to now.

As I grew over to my teen ages, music took over my life. Music controlled my emotions. Whenever Simon Nappier Bell's song played, I only imagine of the love song that I first came to know. I can sing the song to people and whenever mum and dad shows disagreement, I could just sing the first stanza to them. For instance, I can recall vividly some two years ago when I came home from school only to find everything in a mess. I had heard them quarrelling the day before about unfaithfulness which was meaningless to me since I was a minor. I went away only to later realize that they were organizing for a divorce. I got them unawares that evening as we were having supper. After the meals, I told them that there is something I wanted to discuss with them and they remained seated eagerly waiting to hear what I had to say. I broke the silence that had engulfed the sitting room by singing only the first two stanzas of Simon Nappier's 'you don't have to say that you love me' song. Then I left for bed without any say. I don't know what happened afterwards but I can remember the following day spotting two visitors in our home, whom I later learned that they were lawyers. From that time two have technically been at peace.

It's very clear to me that whenever am confronted with a hard situation I refer back to my childhood music for freedom. Apart from concentrating so much on this music, I have also diversified my music listening to American hip hops, rock and rap. Whenever I am and in whatever I do I turn on the diversified American music for enjoyment. Another good memory is when I quarreled with my brother over who shall clean our dining table. I had done it for the last two days and when I declined to do it for a third day, he reported me to my mother. When we came back, I did not argue about it but wrote the first stanza of my favorite song by Simon Nappier Bell and left it on the reading table without his notice before we left for bed. The following day what I saw gave a sense of satisfaction, the message worked a lot.

It's true now that my childhood music still works a lot in my present days. I cannot deny that music has been one of my major sources of happiness. Although some date back to 1980s such as the Simon Nappier Bell's, it still carries a message for me and the people I associate with. This is the same music that I love so much.

The Eagles
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