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Music Assignment

The early American music industry was severely segregated, which however, was mainly due to the preferences of the public. The industry tried to adjust its products to the expectations of the consumers the majority of which were whites.

American record companies collected the tracks of black musicians and purchased them out. Then, they recorder these songs with white musicians and released the CD-copies. The sales rates proved that the tracks that were recorded again by the white men and whose faces were on the cover of the CD were more popular than the ones with black musicians. Thus, the race indeed played a role in the development of music industry. As the companies were profit-driven, not many black musicians had the place and opportunity to record their songs. At the same time, it should be stressed that the blues, as the type of music, was developed by blacks and then preferred by many Americans. The same applied to true rock-n-roll that was played by blacks too.

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In the South the situation with race was much worse. The blacks who sang the blues they had inherited from their slave grandfathers were not respected by the local communities. There was no place to record the songs and only small labels dared to record them. However, it should be stressed that even though black community was being lured by the white faces, the society actually was in love with the music of blacks as it was deeper and in harmony with the personalities of a singer.

In other words, the originals of the tracks recorded by black performers were much better. Everything eventually changed when Elvis Presley brought the whole black music and dance styles to the White Hill.

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Music Publishing Research Report The Similarity of Poetry and Music
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