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‘Madness’ by Muse is a love song that the band released in August this year. Muse is an English rock band. This song comes as the first and real single released from The 2nd Law, Muse’s sixth studio album. This song represents the genre of electronic rock recorded in 2012. Its popularity has been continually increasing among people. Other well known singers have also praised the song and said it was the band’s best song ever. This song marks the groups' first release after the Olympic tune of Survival and instrumental track called Unsustainable (The New Musical Express para. 4).

The band’s inspiration to perform the song emanates from ‘I want to Break Free’ song by Queen and the song ‘Faith’ by George Michael (The New Musical Express para. 2). Some of the song’s instrumental characteristics bear the similarity of George Michael’s ‘I Want Your Sex’ (Muse para. 1). It is largely an electronic cross between the two songs ‘I Want to Break Free’ and ‘Faith’. In addition, Muse reportedly said that the song is similar to Depeche Mode during the interview in France. People describe the song as being a calm, sweet and one of the most languid songs among the earliest songs in the track list. The song’s electronic arrangements also resemble and draw from the band’s ‘Undisclosed Desires’ song from their earlier album, The Resistance (Muse para. 1). One of the band members, Matthew Bellamy said that the song was inspired by the fights that occur in a relationship especially by a fight with his girlfriend. It describes the love madness that takes control of a person, and what they intend to do if this happens. This also emanates from the realization that his girlfriend was right.

The song’s lyrics go as, “I cannot get these memories out of my mind, and some kind of madness has started to evolve...and I…. I tried so hard to let you go, but some kind of madness is swallowing me whole…” (Shetler para. 4). They also sing about how they have seen the light, and about the realization of what the persons they love mean to them.

With the song’s premier and release on August 20, 2012 on BBC Radio, it received much reception and evoked mixed reactions with equal measure among the band’s fans. In addition, the song also faced critical praise from various groups and societies. For instance, the New Musical Express (NME) describes the band as taking a “defining noise of base music and used it to create slinky, soft rock sex music” (The New Musical Express para. 1). They describe the song as one of the brilliant singles that the band has released.

Other reviewers indicate that the band’s director Matthew Bellamy did not play with the feelings of people when he said that the motivation to do the song came from Skrillex (Shetler para. 1). They continue to say that ‘Madness’ shows powerful impression within the restrained electronic arrangements. The arrangement of the song’s vocals indicates that a blend of digitally altered vocals coupled with a programmed drumbeat that is appropriate for a dance tune song. Madness is both a retro and futuristic song that has whirring electronics balancing across the small doses of Queen’s song (Shetler para. 3). In addition, both reviewers indicate that the song is vastly colored with Matthew Bellamy vocals and sets out in the echoes in the solo style of Brian May.

Other professional musicians like Chris Martin gave the song positive criticism as being one of the best songs by Muse. The band has taken a new stage and is exploring a dub step sound. In this song, the band has swapped a bombastic bass brutality for its wobbly subtleties (Rolling Stone paragraph. 1). Matthew Bellamy sings over with a surprising gentle pop track making the song even more remarkable. On a closer review of the lyrics, Muse emphasizes that love is madness. The lyrics are captivating, and they evoke memories from the songs from which they lay their inspiration. Some of the fans indicate it as a captivating song that has grown in style. With the new mixture of the electronic blends, the song has a modern orientation that is attractive to many people. The song begins with a 'wub' sound, and it makes it a beautiful one.

However, the song has its own missteps. The sound that relates to Queen’s and George Michael’s songs makes it lose originality. This makes the song neither new nor clover in the eyes of rock lovers. In addition, this lyrics sound more of clichés among people. One of the most significant messages from the song ultimately comes from the message. The song also draws a need for people to realize the usefulness of other people. For instance, “…now I have finally seen the end and I am expecting you to care and I have seen the light and I have finally realized” make up powerful lyrics in the song. This indicates that love is a kind of madness and once people realize their mistakes, it is essential to “capture and trust them in your dream” (LyricsTranslate). They go ahead to request the lover to come and rescue them for they cannot move alone. This is a clear indication that love is madness. In the end, the band ends the song with the words, “baby, you are headstrong, our love is madness (LyricsTranslate).

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