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Leonard Bernstein: Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in blue is the original work and performance by George Gershwin. The song was composed for a band in 1924 and contains elements of classical and jazz music. Gershwin was inspired to compose the song while in a train. The erratic, though harmonious sounds made by the train struck off to him as a melody to a beautiful composition. The performance of Rhapsody in blue by Leonard Bernstein was breath taking. The opening clarinet is wonderfully executed and opens up the musical taste buds of a listener. Bernstein was rated as one of the world’s best composers, conductors and pianist of the new age. The orchestration and harmony of the many instruments is superb and makes the listener to crave for more music.

The ‘Rhapsody in blue’ is a musical that has had its fair share of controversy. There is a raging debate in the musical world as to whether the Rhapsody in blue is a jazz or a classical composition. This controversy stems from the fact that the Rhapsody in blue borrows heavily from both genres of music. The composition fuses the two genres with magical harmony and smoothness.

The orchestra used to perform the rhapsody in blue consisted of numerous music instruments from all over the world. The instruments represent the various world cultures and diversity. The composition facilitates the use of percussion instruments, woodwinds, stringed and vernacular instruments. The most prominent instruments from the performance are; piano, saxophone, violin, timpani, bass drum, crash cymbal, bells, snare drum, gong, triangle, flutes, bassoons, bass clarinets, horns and trombones.

The ability of Leonard Bernstein to lead and conduct such a mammoth-sized orchestra earns many points for him and puts him firmly in the history books as one of the greatest conductors and composers. Bernstein’s musical prowess and dexterity are seen when he plays the piano. Even though, Leonard Bernstein passed away in 1990, his music is eternal.  

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