Kenny G

Kenny G has long been the musician whom every jazz listener would love to hate. This is quite ironical. He was born in Seattle, Washington, to a Jewish family (“Kenny G: Biography,” n.d.). Kenny G started his career in music at the age of 17 when he was in high school. In the year 1976, Kenny G played professionally with Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra. After the instrumentalist has graduated from the University of Washington, he worked with Jeff Lorber Fusion and made two albums with this group (“Kenny G: Biography,” 2012).

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The reading suggests that Kenny G has remained quite controversial among other musicians throughout his music career. Some of the jazz musicians have even despised him for being so fortunate with his instruments over the stage. Kenny G was a phenomenally successful instrumentalist although he never followed the conventions which made him quite a guy to talk about.
Pat Metheny is an American jazz guitarist and a composer. Pat’s music journey started at the age of 15 when he got scholarship to a Jazz camp where he came under the influence of the guitarist Attila Zoller (“Press Kit: Pat Metheny: Biography,” 2012). In the year 1975, Pat joined Gary Burton’s band, and this gave him an opportunity to expose himself to a wider jazz scene.

After reading the article, it seems that Pat is quite enthusiastic about the traditions and values of the jazz music. It is read between the lines that he is disturbed of the actions of Kenny G because, in his words, the instrumentalist does not follow the customs of jazz and does not deserve a place at the stage. Pat feels no shame or ethical pressure expressing his feelings, which truly show his affection towards the real values of Jazz.

Louis Armstrong was an American jazz singer who was born in Orleans, Louisiana. His childhood was very difficult. Louis’s father was a factory worker and left the family soon after his birth and his mother turned into a prostitute. Louis became prominent in the 1920’s when he influenced numerous musicians with his vocals and unique trumpet skills (“Louis Armstrong. Biography,” 2012). His professional life started in his early twenties when he could read music and started to do trumpet solos. His horizons expanded as he grew older. For thirty consecutive years, Louis played more than 300 gigs per year giving him immense popularity. He died of a heart attack in the year 1971. His contributions to jazz are huge.

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Mr. Metheny has a way of taking things seriously when it comes to music. He is a famous musician and takes jazz seriously. His biggest concerns seem that Kenny is tampering with the very roots of the jazz which can be harmful for the genre in the longer run. Metheny is sure that Kenny is not the best musician out there, and this tempts Pat to criticize him even more. Besides, the fact Kenny has made a lot of popularity despite being a bad musician is somewhat unacceptable to the interviewer, and this makes him criticize Kenny even more openly.

In my opinion, innovation in the music industry is what makes this industry live. I am quite against Mr. Metheny’s opinions about Kenny. I believe that the instrumentalist tried to see jazz with a new angle which the world never knew before. We can never achieve something new by sticking to the good old rules and principles. Kenny always tried to introduce something new when he was on stage and the crowd simply found him adorable. I would say that to bring something new and better to the audience we will have to embrace the change.

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