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John Lennon


John Lennon music career started in 1957 while still a student at Quarry Bank Grammar School, where he started the "Quarry Men Skiffle Band (Edmondson, 2010)." Their first engagement while at this band was at an audition for one Carrol Lewsis, aka "Mr. Star-Marker," the same year (1957) (Edmondson, 2010, 25).  It was still in this same year that he and the band met Paul McCartney with whom they struck an instant friendship due to their shared interests.  It was after cementing that friendship through performing several petty things together that they wrote their first song, a song that was an instant hit, something that encouraged them to write more songs subsequently (Edmondson, 2010, 37). It is noteworthy that at the time he was only eighteen years old. It was after the release of this batch of initial tracks that they allowed George Harrison, who subsequently became a lead guitarist, to team-up with them (Brayton, 2010, 1). Stuart Sutcliffe only joined latter when they were calling the group "Johnny and the Moondogs", at which time they switched to rock 'n' roll (Brayton, 2010, 1).

In the year 1960 the band is reportedly said to have changed its name five times. It was at the same time that Sturt Sutcliffe suggested they name the band the "Beatle," as a kind of tribute to The Cricket and Buddy Holly, although Lennon was of the opinion that they should have named it the name "Beatals (Brayton, 2010, 1)." Another name that the band assumed before settling on the name "Beatle" was the name "The Silver Beatles" (Brayton, 2010, 1). All this time John Lennon was considered the leader of this band, as can be found in a comment that McCartney made at the time to the effect that "we all look up to John." The reason why John Lennon emerged as the natural leader of the band was because he was arguably the smartest among them all, he also had the quickest wit, and not to mention his seniority as far as age was concerned (Brayton, 2010, 1).

Lennon at Beatles'

Lennon and McCartney are reported to have parted ways for a brief moment in 1960 before reuniting afterwards. It was after that reunion that hits like "Tony Sheridan" and "My Bonnie" were recorded. A number of hits that have been credited to Lennon and his friend McCartney included "Thank You Girl," From Me to You" and most remarkably the track "Please Please Me". Lennon was mostly known for his legendary composing haste. For instance, he only needed an hour or two to compose a song, most of which he used to do at his house at Kenwood, at Wimpole Street, at Cavendish, or in a hotel rooms every time after a concert (Kane, 2011, 1). 

With the improvement of recording technology, they increasingly became engaged in overdubbing, whereby Lennon became more involved in harmony parts together with being the lead for their songs. At the time their sounds was a three-part harmony with Lennon providing the lead while the rest providing the harmony (Kane, 2011). As much as Lennon was the greatest stakeholder he was also the group's greatest crook. This can be found in the fact that he was the first to break the group's rule that prohibited attending recording session with a wife or a girl (Brayton, 2010, 1). In this regard I am referring to his habit of accompanying himself with his girlfriend Yoko in the group routine recording sessions at the studio. 

He was also the first to quit the group back in 1969, although Starr would have carried that tag had he ignored the rest of the members' pleas to return to the fold after he had quit in 1968. His arrogance was also legendary as can be seen in his off-the-cuff comments after quitting the band to the effect that "I started the band, I finished it. (Brayton, 2010, 1)" At the time of quitting the band, Lennon's relationship with the other band members was not good at all. This was mostly attributed to his wife, Yoko Ono influence over Lennon, something that was also taking a toll on the performance of the band. This is a fact that even Lennon acknowledged when quitting the band back in 1970 when he said in an interview soon after quitting that the rest of the band members were very bitter with her wife, Yoko Ono (Brayton, 2010, 1).  

Lennon bitterness with Paul was also a contributing factor in the break-up of this band. It was at this point that Lennon decided to pursue a solo career. There are those who still think that Lennon launch of a solo career was good for him and his wife Yoko, especially because of the way it gave them the opportunity to team up with other talents in the music scene and bring forth modern pop hymn (Edmondson, 2010). Songs like 'Double Fantasy' and   'imagine' among others that he recorded in his solo career were an instance hit (Edmondson, 2010, 56).      

Lennon in a solo career

After his experience in Beatle, Lennon with his colleague Ono started to practice a solo career whereby he able to write music and produce. He had recorded some of the songs before he broke the Beatles in 1970. In his songs, he was objected to producing that condemned the war and instead preached peace in his songs. Among the peace songs that he produced were among others the Cold Turkey and Give Peace a Chance (Anderson 87). Nevertheless one of his songs was rejected because of using words that breached the public ethics. In his song God, he was critical about some issues whereby he included Beatles as one of the things that he wished should not be in his way anymore.

In 1972, he produced songs critical to inhumane activities in the United States over races as well as women and other marginalized groups (Anderson 87).

 He was also against the activities of the British in the neighbors. His critical behavior in politics didn't start over in 1970 but it started in 1960s whereby he provided the funding the striking groups over racism. His life of music wasn't that smooth as he encountered problems over the banning of his song by the ground that he was not compliant with the ethics in his profession (Anderson). In 1973, he produced some of the several songs including the "I'm Greatest." In the album, he was successful, but the problem was that he was spending most of his time drinking. During the time he was in some sour relationship with his friend Ono for his notorious behavior. In the same year he collaborated with famous English singer; Sir Elton John (Anderson 87).  

In 1975, he officially broke with the group Beatles, whereby he produced a song name fame with his former colleagues whereby he was involved vocal, activities he however retired from the active arena to join his private life in 1975. He performed one of his last songs in his famous rock and roll style in the ATV's which was marked by  the end of his public figure in style. He retired in 1975 (Anderson 32).

Lennon's Comeback

After five years in retirement Lennon returned to the active singing again. In a wake to promote his comeback, Lennon was involved in several interviews. His comeback was successful since his songs were in the charts list for at least sometimes therefore encouraging him from to seek more audience globally (Beatles 1). He came up with his new song about the "Milk and Honey" however; he was not able to finish it due to some reasons. He claimed that his arch-rival McCartney's songs were given more audience than his therefore he was   not able to embark on in global appearance therefore he decided to retreat from the idea (Beatles 1).


Lennon relationship with the Beatles soared over sometimes as it was evident in an interview, he claimed that he was not interested the in the group and that he would rather be associated with a group of his high school friend that the group. About his relationship with the group, he claimed that he was not interested with the whereabouts of the group as it wasn't important to him (Beatles 1). However he was cautious about his relationship with the group terming it since he didn't want to be seen to be bitter with the group therefore he said that the everyone was interested in the group meeting with some people even willing to offer what it takes make the group together. Therefore Lennon didn't have options in the public to comment on the group. He instead decides to be silent so as to avoid any problem with fans. Basically the Beatles was the groups that made Lennon succeed in his singing career (Beatles 1).

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