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Images and Themes in ''Crossroad Blue'' by Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson writes this lyric song revealing his deep feelings to the general population. In the song “Crossroad Blues” Johnson describes the real life situation and the daily encounters which have the potential of shaping or transforming our daily lives. The “Crossroad Blues” is teaching the listeners and the public as a whole on the possible challenges to encounter. This lyric is a representation of the sadness and cry for help by the writer, Robert Johnson. The main theme in “Crossroad Blues” is desperation and remorsefulness. Johnson fell on his knees on the crossroad, seeking for help and support (Atkins, 2009). Having looked from right to left, north to south, east to west, he realizes that no one is ready to listen to his desperate cry. This prompts him to think otherwise, where mercy would come from. Looking up to heaven, he calls to the Lord to “have mercy” on him and save him from the despair.

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Even after flagging a ride at the crossroad, no one bothered to come to help him. The poor Bob then thought of the Lord as his last resort, following the irresponsiveness of the mankind to his cry at the crossroad. As he writes, “nobody seems to know me. Everybody pass me” by the crossroad (Atkins, 2009). Sunrise to sunset, none came to his rescue, except the Lord. This lyric shows the image of a devastated Mr. Johnson in the dark with nowhere to seek refuge. We realize that just as Robert at the crossroad, we too are never safe on our own. However, Robert’s condition was made more complex by the fact that he had no close relative or lover to share the sorrow with. It is at such tempting periods that our friends and Lord come into the picture, as did Willie Brown (Atkins, 2009). This lyric communicates to us that even when abandoned by friends and relatives, just as Robert did, the Lord is our last hope of withstanding during hard times.

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