Eminem – "Headlights"

“Headlights” is a song by Eminem featuring another American rapper Nate Ruess. The song was produced by Emile Haynie, Jeff Bhasker, and Eminem himself. It was a kind of an apology to Eminem’s mother Debbie Mathers in the form of an open letter to her. Eminem had a difficult childhood and this makes him blame his mother in his previous songs. In “Headlights,” he makes sure that his mother knows that he still loves her.

The theme of postmodernism is clearly depicted in this song due to the style and the condition of this art. This song is self-referential and ironic, compared to the previous songs by Eminem. He uses this song as a badge to identify himself with his mother who he has hated for many years. It is a perfect example of breaking form in postmodernism. This is because music is generally used as a form of entertainment, but in this song, Eminem uses it to directly apologize to his mother for disrespecting her for many years. This is important, since it spans from several years ago up to now. Postmodernism indicates an absolute break from its predecessors as well as a larger inclusive occurrence. In addition, it is a multiplicity of coexisting perceptive and traditional standards without any one of them being exclusively central or principal. This is seen from the song, when Eminem addressed many aspects of his life that made him hate his mother.

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Evidence that shows the song is breaking form is the fact that there are no dancers. Typically, most of the songs have male and female dancers, but Eminem breaks form this norm and instead uses different videos to show his life as a child. In addition, he is not seen anywhere rapping; this is a break form a typical song where the artist is seen dancing and singing to his own song. In addition, there is a letter that he is writing, which he later directs to her mother for apologies.

This song is very important to the community, since it portrays the need for forgiveness and reconciliation. People should learn to forgive those that have wronged them in some way just as Eminem does to his mother. On the other hand, this music has no visual attractiveness, since there are no dancers and neither Eminem nor Nate Ruess are singing in the video. There are instances where he raps very fast and it may be difficult to understand what he is singing about.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is defined from the context of three conditions that a person must fulfill in order to be regarded knowledgeable in a certain field. One of the conditions is that a person must believe that the fact presented is true. The fact must be indeed truth. Besides, an individual should be justified in believing that the fact or statement is indeed the truth. Therefore knowledge is the aspect of knowing something with great similarity that is achieved through association. Knowledge requires some grasp of its relationship to some information, for example, in linguistics, one must understand the phonemic nature of words in order to understand or have knowledge of what is being talked about. In postmodernism, knowledge is viewed as a pathway to freedom and happiness. Postmodernism challenges the conventional standards of knowledge and their rationales through reasoning. This is because the human mind is able to hold three forms of knowledge: the intuitive, the tacit, and the rational one. On the other hand, there are complications in shifting knowledge from one individual to another.

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