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Differences in Music

Music has a lot of appeal in all societies, and it has been used for different purposes. In the two pieces of music provided, music is used as a form of worship. The plainchant alleluia “Caro mea” is part of a mass, and the eagle dance is part of a ritualistic dance.


The two pieces of music share a variety of characteristics. First, the two follow the form of a chant that uses repetition to emphasize the message. In Caro mea, the word Alleluia is repeated throughout the song (Caro mea 0.02 to 0.32 minutes). In the Eagle Dance, the singers are engaged in a monotonous repetition, and the dancers are following this chant in their dancing. The two pieces of music are also symbolic. Caro mea symbolizes the supremacy of God through the bible while the eagle dance symbolizes the eagle. Therefore, it can be said that the two chants are parts of rituals.


The two pieces of music use different forms of instrumentation. Caro mea is using some western accompaniments, most notably the piano, while the eagle dance uses a drum and other traditional instruments. The choir in Caro mea is highly trained. The vocals of this choir are superb, and the harmony is very musical; it follows all rules of harmony. The singers in the eagle dance are not trained, and their vocals are not smooth. Caro mea uses some well organized male and female voices while the eagle dance utilizes middle aged men with rough vocals. In addition, the music in Caro mea is scripted while the music in the eagle dance is not.

Music Related to these Songs

There are other pieces of music that can be related to the two forms. For instance, the music that follows the rondo form is closely related to the two pieces. This is because music in rondo form keeps repeating one part of the song. Another example of such music is Stift Heiligenkreuz’s chant in a mass.

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