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Concert sample essay

Santa Monica College presented the SMC Jazz Band, conducted by Frederic Keith Fiddmont. The special guest artist was Joe La Barbera, who is the world famous performer well-known in jazz world. Joe La Barbera appeared for the first time in 1968 in Las Vegas on the same stage with Frankie Randall and the Buddy Rich band. His family was in love with the music. Thus, the increasable atmosphere forced to develop musical talents. His father taught him to play both saxophone and clarinet starting the age of five years. After the high school, he devoted his life to music and continued education in Berkley College of Music. The conductor, Keith Fiddmont, during his career managed to perform with such music legends as Stevie Wonder and Diana Krall.

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The concert included the following musical instruments: saxophone, trumpet, trombones, bass, drums, guitar, and piano. The group of the musical instruments is organized according to their sound. As a result, the conductor is able to manage the volume and control the rhythms. Bases were located behind all instruments as they make the loudest sound, while string instruments mainly were located closer to the front. The piano was at the hand-read of the conductor.

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The jazz band performed many different songs. For example, To You, Big Dipper, A Child is Born, Grove Merchant, which are created by Thad Jones. Thad Jones together with Duke Ellington Orchestra performed To You was performed for the first time. The song is rhythmic, smooth and challenging at the same time. It gives the feeling of unconditional love. The debut of A Child Is Born took place in 1969 by Alec Wilder. It became a classic of the twenty century jazz. The calmness and confidence that the song spread during the performance was proving the name of the song, which might be a manifest of the new life.

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