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Concert Music

J. Kolosick said, “Every era views music through its own technology”. This statement fits well in our own time where technology as affected all aspects of our lives. Due to technology the end product of a concert music composer is different and the process and tools he/she uses are different hence the composer has to be different.

The current generation uses a new musical sound called digital sound which is an electronic synthesized sound. This sound is produced by a computer or synthesizer. The synthesizer is a multiuse instrument with a variety of sounds from different instruments unlike the traditional instruments which had only one form of sound. This new technology becomes complicated to use by the composer since he/she uses one instrument (computer) to compose music, to play different sound of different instruments, and record the music. Therefore the new generation composers have to learn on use of the synthesizer.

Electronic music production has a standardized system for networking all instruments called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). This facilitates communication of instruments, computers and software to bring musical ideas to life. Modern day composer should be able to use this system which is complex, but is efficient and fast.

Fears on loss of employment because of automation, enthusiasm from technocrats, and confused consumers are the reactions seen due to use of electronic technology in music composition and performance. Most composers like to use techniques and tools they feel comfortable with, but technology has not allowed them to do so.

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