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70's Disco


            Disco is defined as a popular dance music that was popular especially in the 1970s which was characterized by repetitive rhythms. This genre of music was popular to clubs that catered to especially African American communities in Philadelphia and New York cities.

History of disco music

            Disco first came out not as a style of music but as a way of playing music and early discotheques played music that was just suitable for partying. Around 1973-1974, Barry White’s song “I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby” set the ground for production of dance floor music. Disco was to sweep across America and Europe in later years.

Kinds of music and artists

            Disco type of music involves such genres with suitable beats to dancing like pop, house, rap, techno and house.  One of the earlier successes was Barry White’s love theme released in 1973. Other songs that were popular included “rock the boat” by Hues Corporation, Bee Gees’ “you should be dancing”, “get down tonight”, “shake your body” and “that’s the way” by KC and the Sunshine. Another popular disco musician was the all female group Donna Summer whose songs "Love to Love You", "I Feel Love", "Last Dance" and "Bad Girls" were all hits.

            Other artists who had disco hits in the 70s includes Gloria Gaynor, Kool and the Gang, Chic, Whispers, Lime, Spinners, Jacksons, Steve Wonder, The Isle Brothers, Madonna and Trammps. Other greatest hits included “I will survive”, “come to me”, “At midnight”, Heaven must have sent you” and “Born to be alive” (100 greatest Disco artists).

Dance moves

            Earlier years saw dancers move in a “hang loose style”. Popular dances that evolved included the Bump, Boogaloo, Robot, Watergate and Penguin. Another style “hustle” evolved in 1975 that involved highly stylized and sophisticated sexy moves. Hustle involved solo or partnered dancing (1970s disco dancing).


            Disco clothes were about feeling good and dance floor action. Disco clothes were very trendy and disco wearers wore expensive and extravagant fashion. Disco inspired clothes for women include hot pants, halter necks and cat suits and for men included satin shirts and jackets, open shirts and gold medallions, shirts with wide and platform shoes.

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