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The Great Gatsby and Winter Dream

It was while he was drafting one of most celebrated novels The Great Gatsby that Scott Fitzgerald wrote Winter Dreams. As a result, the two books have several similar styles and themes. The two works focus each on a young man each trying to woo his past love but that appears impossible to impress. This paper will carry out a similarity check of the two works revealing that The Great Gatsby becomes a penetrating critique for the pursuit of the impossible (through Judy Jones ) and Winter Dreams will be advocating for disillusionment and a grasp for the past (through Daisy Buchanan). The two women have many similarities that they share including beauty, wealth and shallowness.


As a matter of comparison, Daisy Buchanan and Judy Jones have much more in common than just being the main actors. Apart from being wealth and beautiful, Daisy and Judy are also charming and affectionate. However, their true nature depicts a different picture; that of unreliable and heartless people who love themselves more than anything else in the world. By the fact that they are aware that they are beautiful, the two women use their egos to destroy other people’s lives. Daisy and Judy are also accustomed to dressing provocatively thus showing their lack of character to get the attention of men. Due to their nice voices that jingle with wealth, the two are always assured of getting the men they want. This shows that the two have the same characteristics; being materialistic for their love of money.

Clearly, the two have noticeably similar characteristics. On Daisy, Scott Fitzgerald writes, “She laughed again, as if she said something very witty…promising that there was no one in the world she so much wanted to see” (Fitzgerald, p.13). Daisy and Judy are known to easily get jaded with other people because they love themselves too much. This is because they look beyond people’s personalities and what they can do to them. After all they consider themselves as being beautiful and will bream with elegance and sophistication. Eventually, each of them destroy the dreams of two young men and then for themselves stay passive beside their abusive husbands. They are also shown to be very careless people. They are shown to have smashed up things and then coiled back to their vast carelessness to let others clean their mess.

They are sure of getting men because of their nice voices that jingles with wealth. The two have the same characteristics; their love money as they love themselves, they are materialistic an example being where Daisy kills Myrttle and she is like she is too good to take the blame and for Judy she runs to find another man in the night when things were not working her way. The two women are known to use money to protect themselves when situations get tough. For them, money is the only thing that can make them happy and they seem to not exactly know what they want in life.


It is clear that Judy and Daisy were two divergent characters in two different works who had their own share of differences and similarities. They two women took the advantage of being other men’s dreams (Dexter and Tom’s dream). They are shown to love nothing more than themselves and materialistic things. They love themselves too much not to even care about the others. The women seem to be too similar that they could trade their places. At the end of the story and the novel, the women are shown to be miserable due to their own greed. 

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