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The Cherry Orchard

In my perspective, the final act of the play emphasizes on the characters’ true essence. Different characters evoke different emotions, feelings and perspectives in accordance to the tragic occurrence that fell on the Ranevskaia’s family. The cutting down of the cherry orchard symbolizes the fall of the family. Different family members take different ways without the assurance that they will ever see one another again. Although most of the family members are sad, a few family members show a glimpse of happiness. Trofimov and Lopakhin are not as sad as the others because of the family’s outcome. They warmly bid goodbye, although Trofimov declines Lopakhin’s token. These actions show that Lopakhin is remorseful for taking away the family’s estate. The token shows that he is not as terrible as perceived.

On the other hand, Ranevskaia, Varia, Pishchik and Damasha shed tears at some point in the act. Although the different characters show their emotions due to different reasons, they all portray a similar aspect. The tragedy painfully affects a part of their lives. Through the tears shed by Pishchik after realizing that Ranevskaia will be leaving, the audience reaches ambiguous conclusions. This act means that Pishchik is just sad, because a neighbor/friend is leaving, or he is sad, because he is in love with Ranevskaia. Ranevskaia, on the other hand, is full of confused feelings and emotions. The estate was part of her. It was full of many memories, which included the deaths of her husband and her sons. She portrays joy and sadness at different parts of the act. At some point, she is in tears, because what she wants is departing from her home. At other parts, she is happy, because she will rejoin with her lover in Paris. This departure will also enable her to leave behind the hurtful memories associated with the estate.

As Damasha cries, because she will separate with Yasha, the love of her life, Yasha, seems untouched by this separation. He pushes Damasha away, as he thinks of his other plans. However, he seems to be hiding some emotions. The family’s departure will affect him as he will lose his job. In order to hide his emotions, he drinks an almost full bottle of champagne. He pretends that he is enjoying himself. Varia and Ania show their moral and true characters during this act. Ania asks Lopakhin to stop the cutting of the orchard. This is because she did not fully believe that her home would be no more. While Ania consoles her mother over the loss of the estate, Varia concerns are on the health of Firs. She constantly asks whether he is at the hospital. This action shows Varia’s caring side. However, they might also be a distraction over the prevailing situation. Additionally, she is not sure of Lopakhin’s feelings towards her. She sheds tears when he leaves the room without proposing to her.

Charlotte is the most desperate of the characters. This is because she is uncertain of the action to take. She has lost her employment. This makes her future uncertain. Although Gaiev shows some excitement, because he will work at a new bank, the confrontation between him and her sister shows the tragedy’s power of breaking up siblings. Gaiev blames her sister Ranevskaia for the downfall of the estate, while her sister blames him for his unusualness. The remarks made during this confrontation show that the family members are in pain due to the loss of the estate. Firs is the most unfortunate as every family member forgets him. His death at the end of the play indicates the end of thea family’s history. He was the oldest, and so he represented the family’s history as he constantly narrated it. 

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