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Relevance of Race in the U.S

In every nation, native see race to be an universal indicator of status. In the United States, today, the polling stations within the minority areas have waited lines ten times longer as compared to the white areas. The United States Census Bureau collects data regarding races according to the provision by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (O.M.B). The researchers purely base this data on self-identification. The researchers aim to use census questionnaire during census to give the social definition of recognized race but not to explain race biologically or genetically. The research team allows people to choose more than one race in case of mixed race. The team then uses the data collected in studying demographic, health, social and economic changes and characteristics of some groups within the population. Race has also been used widely in monitoring civil rights and enforcing voting rights, housing and mortgage lending, employment and educational opportunities.

The United States has got many races. This has contributed to racism and discrimination among the United States population despite the fact that it is prohibited by law. In spite of racist behavior being unlawful, a large proportion of citizens still behave in a racist manner. However, most of the times, the behavior is unintentional and difficult to identify. In other cases, it is intentional and hard to detect and cannot be punished by law. The Crisis of capitalism accelerates the deepening of racism in the U.S. as it is the capitalist class that benefits from racism. Racial and class segregation has given rise to a segregated school system leading to low quality of education received by Black’s children and hence inequalities. The closure of factories in the U.S has led to loss of jobs among the African workers, who are concentrated in the industries. The blame of unemployment and government budget deficits is placed on Asians workers in U.S. creating anti-immigrant campaign.

The poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes shows clearly how relevant the race is in the U.S. Hughes feels that America should be a nation of dreams with equality and opportunity for all regardless of one's race. He is speaking for many who are not included in reality of America like the Africans Americans, Americans Indians and the immigrants. The persona in this poem says that he is the Negro bearing scars. He adds that he is the red man driven from the land, and he is also the immigrants clutching the hope that he seeks. The persona also says that he finds the same, old stupid, plan of a dog eating another and the mighty crushing the weak. (Hughes 20-25) The idea of scars evidently shows the violence and beatings, which some races go through in slavery.

“Desiree’s Baby” is a powerful story by Kate Chopin about race. Although it was set before the American civil war, its relevance to the U.S. cannot be underestimated. The races of black African Americans were viewed as less human as compared to the white race. Armand disowns his wife, Desiree and the baby after he learns that they are black.  There is this instance, where Desiree the cries what the Armand's neglection meant. Armand shamelessly supports himself saying it is because the child is not white and neither is its mother (Chopin 4). Armand considered himself at the top of social chain simply because he was white. He even burns their belongings when Desiree leaves.  Kate says in her story that some weeks later after Armand had abandoned his wife, and there was a curious scene enacted at L'Abri. She goes on to add that Armand had put up a whopping bonfire in the centre of his amiable back yard (Chopin 6).

In conclusion, the issue of race continues to be relevant to the United States today. All measures should be taken to eliminate racial discrimination and racial segregation. This will enhance social integration among the citizen.

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