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Pigs and Wolves

James Finn Garner in his story Pigs and Wolves presents an instance of peaceful living among the pigs and a disruption of peace by an oppressive wolf. The wolf wants to make sure that it completely displaces the little pigs from their residence in order to acquire more land for its mates. The pigs had lived happily after putting up their beautiful houses until the arrival of the aggressive wolf. Garner asserts that, “there came a big wolf with expansionist ideas…..he saw the pigs and grew hungry both in the ideological and physical sense (Garner 56).” It depicts the real world situation where some communities struggle to live peacefully but are interrupted by external forces. The involvement of the United Nations in the story indicates the utilization of international bodies in attempts to provide an amicable solution of problems in the world. The pigs did not want a physical approach to the solution of the problem, but they wanted it to be peaceful and lasting. Garner points out that, “the pigs sang songs in solidarity and wrote protest letters to the United Nations” (Garner 57). It indicates their desire for peace. In the real situation, it depicts nations that desire to uphold peace in different situations. The ultimate death of the oppressive wolves indicates the end of oppression. The death of the wolf symbolizes that oppressive regimes in a particular place cannot last and that the time for oppressive leaders is limited. They cannot have control over the innocent and peaceful individuals during a long period. Garner asserts that, “the wolf huffed and puffed, the grabbed his chest and fell over dead” (Garner 57). The author points out to the end of oppressive regimes around the globe. Peace is restored among the pig community after the elimination of the wolves that had occupied the former pig lands. The end of the story presents a restoration of peace among nations around the globe.

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