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The story “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros

In her story “Eleven”, Sandra realizes and recognizes the toughness in growing up. Someone’s age, according to Sandra, will vary according to the obstacles that one experiences as he or she grows up. Rachel, just as many children, wished that she could be adult enough by the time of her eleventh birthday. I experienced the same feeling when I was about her age. Rachel thought that her age would give her the courage to confront the elders and even hide the inner ages. In the first paragraph, Rachel displays a statement that is truthful, “when you are eleven, one is also ten and he or she feels as much as one” (Cisneros, 2002). This expression means that no matter how old someone can be, everyone at a certain point in their lives will show some acts of a younger age. For adults, in particular, this statement is true. For instance, when one comes home stressed out from his or her work or by a colleague at the office, he or she may burst out into tears. In such scenario, Rachel would be quick to say that the person is acting like a three-year-old child. It is true that inside a person, true age is not present.

Cisneros tells about how to deal with humiliations at the point when Rachel breaks down and starts to cry. Rachel felt that she was humiliated when Mrs. Price asked her to put on a smelly sweater. She could not help the scenario of wearing the sweater that prompted to cry. This shows that at eleven, one knows and realizes the beauty of the image he or she possesses. Rachel was aware that by putting on the smelly sweater would see her ridiculed and it will be unfair up with the embarrassment in front of the classmates. This story presents an account that everyone relates to. Everyone had experienced similar scenarios to the one in the story when young that see them view their lives as not being fair to them.

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