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Self Destruction as a Way of Life

God in the beginning of the universe made man and gave him the authority over every other living creature in the land, water, air and beyond. This has put man since the time of creation a leading role in every angle and aspect of their lives. This is because they are expected to be the head and women serve as there helpers. The above notion has pressurized men to continually show a leading role no matter the situation and the conditions.  Their vulnerability starts right from when they are in the womb.  This is because far fewer embryos make it to delivery compared to the females who can survive. Also during birth, boys tend to be developmentally behind their counterparts who in this case are the women. This imbalance tends to continue at the course of their lives. Thus, men have a shorter lifespan than their sisters.

In adolescence there is a lag in the brain of the males. This is because their risk assessment and judgment is being compromised and put in the balance. To add salt to the injury, the surge of testosterone makes them to be vulnerable to idealistic and risk taking behavior on the pretence that they are men. This leads them to committing suicide and   even result to death if their thoughts are not met or fulfilled. On the other hand women are more careful on the steps they are taking and are slow on experimenting.

Men have been in time on end being considered the stronger sex compared to their female counterparts. This is because of the traits they possess and exhibit. From their appearance, women seem weak and vulnerable to the environment around them. This has made people come up with the perception that men are likely to live longer than women do which has not been the case. Men suffer less weight not taking into consideration the food they eat, they tend to exercise more often and they don't suffer from chronic diseases, but this doesn't propel them to live longer than their female counterparts who live seven years longer than them. In every stage of a lifespan more men than ladies are at a high risk of dying, this is because they tend to experiment more and venture into risky actions while the females would rather watch from a distance and avoid taking part in such activities. This has led men to die in the process of showing their prowess. And is because most of these activities are dangerous and life threatening.

Men are likely to die while driving. This is because they tend to drive faster and want to experiment with high speed which may eventually cause road accidents thus reducing their life span. Also they may want to showcase their prowess in the driving field competing with their colleagues who are more likely to be men. Men have also been noted to have the habit of drinking and driving. After this state their brains cannot coordinate well with their hands and legs hence they drive carelessly leading to accidents which may mean early death to the men.

In drug dealings and consumption, men are in most cases involved in the consumption of these drugs on the pretence that they are boosting their masculinity and other petty reasons. While some reasons may be true, others are short term and instead of being of help it ends up   weakening the immunity and normal functioning of their bodies making them to be prone to diseases and eventually early deaths. Drugs also have the tendency to make people brave and daring than they really are. This has led men to engage in dangerous activities which have risked their lives.

Men have an eightfold chance more than women of ending up in prison than women. This has always been the case because men tend to be involved in crimes more than women also because men have more time on their disposal compared to their women who in most cases use their time wisely. On the other hand, men tend to use the time in their disposal to engage in illegal activities which has put them at risk of going to jail or even losing their lives in the process.

Men are also at risk of betting themselves into demoralizing emotional and economic pit. At times they manage to salvage themselves from the ditch but at other times they remain trapped there and as a result they cannot be able to recover and thus they enter into depression and loss of their economic prowess. This has made them to venture into shady economic activities in order to recover their previous statuses. These in more times have exposed them to harsh environments where they have to endure the risks involved. Examples are robbery which may lead to their detainment and in other cases they are killed.

Men rarely go for checkups this is because they consider that men should always be considered healthy and strong. This has been the reason why men rarely go for checkups and they end up discovering too late that they have been infected with a chronic disease which is past the curable state. An example of this is the incurable diseases like HIV/Aids, cancer, tuberculosis and others. Some of these diseases can be cured if discovered early through medical checkups and screening. But because men don't deem it necessary to go for such, they end up with incurable diseases which lead to untimely death. Men tend to keep to themselves when they have problems but women prefer to seek help and in most cases professional one.

Men also tend to adhere to sentimental notions of manhood whereby they want to be super achievers in every field whish in reality it is not possible. This has led them to venture into risky fields and trying to outdo the previous person. Though it's a positive notion, it tends to exploit them more than they can handle. Also setting up high standards of achievement has made men to work tirelessly without attaining their goals in life leading to development of stress which leads to early death. In most cases stress related diseases are suffered by men. Example is hypertension and heart disease.

Men tend to work in dangerous settings than women. This is because they are thought to be more enduring. This perception has not only exposed men to death but has also led to risking some parts of their bodies and losing them in the process. An example of this is working in quarries, mines, underwater, going to wars to defend their countries and communities. On the other hand women are considered to be weak and therefore they cannot work in such environments. Instead they are allocated duties which are less risky and easy to accomplish thus lengthening their life spans.

The cult of masculinity can beckon like a siren song in baritone. Natalie Angier sees that many men get into trouble by adhering to sentimental notions of manhood.  She explains that "A lot of men come up here hoping to get away from a wimpy world and live like pioneers by old-fashioned masculine principles of individualism, strength and ruggedness." She continues to explain that "they learn that nothing is simple; even Alaska is part of a wider, interdependent world and they really do need friends, warmth and electricity". This clearly indicates that manhood is a notion in the mind but not a fact as many people would have wished to believe (Angier, 1999).

In the current society you will find out those policies in place target women than male. This has ensured that women are in a high chance to survive more than the male. this policies include;  free check up for cervical and  breast cancer, pre natal and post natal checkups, free education for women, low cut off points  for women compared to the men. This has given women a higher ground to survive in the world compared to men who are being considered to be strong which not the case is. This has e exposed men to rather unfriendly environments and no one to argue their case. If only the society could open their inner eye and recognize that men are in an unfriendly environment which can lead to a setback in their growth and survival.

Due to the above it's clear that men are at a higher risk to lose their lives compared to the female counterparts. This therefore calls for policies to be put in place which will favour men and reduce their vulnerability. The society should also stop regarding men as the stronger sex as this has pushed them to the wall. Men should also encourage exercising more, taking a healthy diet, and stopping smoking. If the above is closely watched, men will live longer and have a greater chance of survival as their female counterparts.

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