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Natural Factors cause Global Warming

While the commonly held view claims that anthropogenic or man-made factors cause global warming, there exists overwhelming evidence that natural causes account for the most significant proportion of the environmental changes. Most of these changes can be traced to the nature of the Earth as an object that is constantly evolving both in its physical position and composition. The position of the Earth in relation to the Sun and other planets characterizes these changes. Natural causes attribute to the increasing number of sunspots and the occurrence of large volcanic eruptions.

Natural factors, whose exact proportion and amount remain immeasurable and largely unknown, are the most significant causes of global warming.

The earliest evidence of this is the extinction of dinosaurs and the effects of the first known global warming phase that happened approximately 55 million years ago. Large volcanic eruptions, like those that occur in the modern world, are thought to have caused the last major phase. In any volcanic eruption, large amounts of volcanic ash and dust are emitted into the air. This particulate matter remains suspended in the atmosphere and acts as a solid shield to solar radiation. In effect, it prevents the Sun from accessing the Earth and prevents the loss of heat from the Earth’s atmosphere.

The spinning of the Earth does not achieve or allow for a perfect rotation. The resulting effect is that its different parts are exposed to varying levels of solar radiation. Combined with an increasing number of sunspots due to other reasons, solar radiation variations lead to warming cycles on the Earth. Other natural causes include the production and release of methane gas, a known greenhouse gas, from wetlands and Arctic tundra. The Earth undergoes climate change cycles every 40,000 odd years.

While man-made causes may contribute significantly to global warming, natural causes still account for the largest effective proportion. Their effect cannot be measured because it is varied and expansive, making it possible that the situation is much direr than currently thought.

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