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Intuition in Studying Language

Intuition is language built from experience, insights and general overview of things. It involves assembling of what one has experienced, all intimate thoughts and ideas and what one perceives as coherent into grammatical sense. There is no conscious reasoning in the use of intuition and the outcome is not based on details of facts. Scientifically, cognitive function of the brain deals with intuition. It is thought that there is a specific neural aspect that deals with conjuring ideas and thoughts, interpreting, memorizing and relating them to ordinary life.

A person using intuition has to understand its deeper meaning, aggregate all thoughts and ideas and break down the pre-aggregated form into a communicable way. One has to interpret the perceived opinions and translate them into language (Murray, 1994). Example in the study of second language acquisition, a student in a foreign country with no prior grasp of the language would take up bits and pieces of what they observe and create understanding out of it based on intuition. Therefore, this dictates that intuition uses symbols, imagery and experiences.

Intuition has some shortcomings. Life experiences do not always confer rational thinking so it is not based on logic, and does not involve conscious reasoning. This method of data collection is not based on facts and there is no method of measuring the results. The major setback with this method is that it is hard to communicate your perceptions and understanding to others and make them interpret it in a similar way to form a logical language (Hogarth, 2001).

These setbacks can be addressed. A person can infer so as to put this thoughts and ideas into factual contexts. Secondly, the use of study examples to confirm deeper meaning of insight. Intuition can be assembled in a way that is easily communicable. All in all, intuition objectively models language in a manner that increases the intellectual capacity.

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