Global Warming

The Natural Resources Council

The natural resources council (NRDC) has given out a five step plan on how to reduce and solve global warming. Called the global warming solutions, the site gives the first step as setting limit on global warming pollution. This can be done by legislation by congress that will cap carbon emission from polluters. The second step is to invest in green and clean energy. The article suggests that investing in clean energy like wind and solar and using energy efficient programs will reduce the global warming crisis. The third solution is to drive smart cars with less exhaustion. Smart cars will break addiction to oil while retooling plants to manufacture cars that are efficient on fuel like plug-ins. The fourth step is to create green homes and bindings. They give an example where buildings and appliances account for 40% of America’s energy use. New buildings need to meet energy efficient standards that will minimize energy use. The last step is to build better communities and better transportation networks. This includes building of walkable communities where we live in instead of far-flung hubs that need one to drive (Global Warming Solutions, n.d.). The website insists that if the above methods are used, we will be able to reduce global warming significantly.

Mitt Romney on Global Warming

Romney unanimously agrees to the fact that global warming is real and emanates from greenhouse gas emissions. He however says that he is not aware how much this is caused by mankind. He does not support the ‘radical‘policies like a one-sided US cap-and-trade mandate. He says that on his visit to China, he realized that the country emits more carbon than the US and that by 2030, China will be emitting more carbon than the US and Europe combined. He further alleges that China and other developing nations will account for 80% of total emissions if not curbed earlier. He places the use of oil as the major issue. He thus advices in an interview with journalist Judy Woodruff that as a country, we need to reduce on the dependence of oil but by developing alternative sources like the use of bio-fuels, liquefied fuel and nuclear. He also expresses the need to reduce the cars on our roads with more efficient cars that can consume les energy (State, n.d.). 


One thing is clear from the above two posts, there is need to reduce dependence on oil and the use of fuel efficient cars. Countries need to cap on how much carbon they release to the atmosphere. This should be donewith the earliest opportunity or else the earth will continue getting warmer and affecting its inhabitants negatively. The time of action is now! 

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