Benefits of the Sun

The paper below focuses on the benefits of the sun on earth. It elaborates on the advantages and gains the earth and human life benefit from the solar energy and power. It also describes the techniques put in place to consume the solar power and energy (Prakash, 141). Moreover, it touches on the economic and environmental advantages from the sun. It then concludes with the advice to embrace and support the use of clean energy.

Solar energy/solar power

The energy received to the earth from the sun is known as solar energy. The energy is the energy form of solar radiation that makes production of solar electricity to be possible. Solar power is described as the way sunlight is converted into electricity. Sunlight is directly converted into electricity by the use of photovoltacis (PV), or indirectly with solar power concentration (CSP), this normally focuses on the energy that boils water and provides power (Michael, 98). The other technologies exist for example Stirling engine that dishes and uses Stirling cycle engine which power a generator. Photovoltaics was initially used in powering small and the medium-sized applications, from calculator powering a single solar cell and off-grid homes and it is powered by the photovoltaic array.

How the sun benefits our daily lives

The sun is useful for plant photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process through which plants make their own food. During the photosynthetic process, sunlight is trapped by the plants through the leaves. The suns energy is used by the plants to convert water as well as carbon dioxide to glucose which is a sugar. The plant uses glucose to make starch which is stored as food and cellulose to build the plant cell walls. 

The sun is the prime source of vitamin D. human bodies require vitamin D. in children vitamin D is vital as it helps to prevent incidents of rickets. Vitamin D acts as a regulator for the immune system, helps in metabolizing and absorption of calcium mineral and phosphorous which aid in formation of healthy bones (Michael, 98). Specialists recommend sun baths for newborns as it helps clear jaundice. The sun makes it possible to see objects. The eye can only see objects when light strikes the cornea of the eye. When the light from the object being viewed is reflected to the eye, the eye sends a message to the brain and we are able to perceive the object we view.

The suns energy can be tapped to provide electricity.  Solar energy can be converted to electricity in two ways. Photovoltaic cells are used. These cells generate electricity through chemical reactions. Solar panels are used to harness solar power. Thermo technologies are the other way in which solar power is harnessed. Here, solar energy is used to drive electric generators through heating water into steam. The sun helps us to keep warm while we bask in the sun; its rays warm our bodies and keep the cold at bay. However we should not expose ourselves to too much sun rays. This would damage the skin cells.

Where the world would be if the embraced the use of solar energy

Solar energy would help us eradicate environmental disasters caused by energy sources such as nuclear energy. This would help deal with the menace of global warming. Solar energy is clean hence does not cause global warming. If countries across the world embrace use of solar energy, it would reduce countries decency on foreign oil. In the world today most countries depend on oil imports from other countries.  This would also reduce the cost of energy.

Embracing solar energy provides an opportunity to invest in an alternative energy source. This provides a means of protecting the environment as well as provides a means to earn returns (Michael, 98).  New jobs are created in setting up solar energy stations. Green jobs will help improve the living standards of people.

Some automobile companies have developed solar powered cars and motorcycles. These vehicles do not consume fuel, have low carbon emission and the cars are silent. In homes solar power is used to light the house, power electric appliances and heat water. This form of energy is cost effective and environmentally friendly. However, there are inefficiencies that come with the use of solar energy. If the harnessed power is not stored it cannot be used at night when there is no sunshine.


The sun is great resource to living organisms. Both plants and animals depend on the sun for food and energy. Use of Solar power has however not been embraced in most parts of the world. People prefer to use non renewable energy sources. Solar energy is clean, free, renewable and environmental friendly. Some of the benefits of solar power include: photosynthesis, aid in seeing, as a source of vitamin D and as a source of power. We should embrace of solar energy as it is safer and more environmentally friendly.

Any new inventions and goals for the future using solar energy/ solar power

Through centuries, scientists found innovative ways in harness of power from the sun using magnifying glasses to the steam engines. It converts more solar power to electricity is very high on political agenda in nations, amid push in finding domestic energy sources which are less polluting unlike fossil fuels. According to industry association for solar energy In USA, solar energy is growing quickly, more of the solar energy was also installed in 3rd quarter of last year than in 2009. Through the technological innovation assistance and government subsidies years, solar power and wind power cost has fallen sharply (Gene, 245). It fell so much until the two mentioned industries also say that they can deliver cleaner electricity sometimes at competitive prices with the power coming from fossil fuels. In addition to that, wind power and solar companies are confirmed to the congress that they need support for them to be truly competitive and also keep on with the creation of jobs. Solar power growth was being helped by the federal stimulus package which extended the tax credit which provided other investments and the incentives for industries (Gene, 245). There was a one year extension of 1603 tax –grant program creating additional 37,000 solar energy and power industry jobs in the year 2012 according to the research by EuPD.

Accomplishment from the sunlight

However, the lobbying of solar and wind industries always come as a time when we experience little enthusiasm for the alternative energy in Washington.  Generally, overall concerns on the deficit makes lawmakers to be more sceptical on new tax which breaks for business in general.  When taxpayers loss half billion dollars and more on solyndra, the bankrupt solar maker modules which defaulted on the federal loan tarnished the image of the renewable power in particular. Solyndra was being financed under an expired program, part of 2009 stimulus package which provided government and loan guarantees clean energy projects and some which the officials from administration expect to be very risky.

On the other hand, wind and solar companies argue that they are seeking different tax breaks. The tax credit are taken by businesses only, the businesses are supposed to be already up and running, thus the tax payers are less likely to be subsidizing and stuck to a falling company, noted the proponents. Without new breaks, the industries executives always warn, they may be forced in scaling back production and also elimination of jobs in an economy which seems weak (Gene, 245). According to the US president Obama who was a steadfast and supporter of the programs pertaining clean energy, in his capacity as the American president, Obama already started making a case for the new government’s investment in projects involving clean energy as a way of fostering both the energy independence and the employment at a time whereby the Capitol Hill evaluating new laws when it comes to creation of jobs as well as budgeting savings and costs.

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