Exploratory essay samples


Amount of Gas Produced

Pure metals, metal carbonates, chlorides, and hydrochlorides react with acids producing gas. The amount of gas produced can be determined ...


Benefits of the Sun

The paper below focuses on the benefits of the sun on earth. It elaborates on the advantages and gains the earth and human life benefit from the ...


The Core Sin of Sloth

Theologically, the term sin means evil behavior, corporate or individual. The term should not be confused with the term crime, which means breaking ...


Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric mental health nursing is a specialized field of nursing that is dedicated to promotion of mental health via the evaluation, diagnosis and ...


Auterism and Feminism

(You can cut off this portion in case you don't need it. It was meant to give you an outline of the contents of the paper.) The paper outline A ...


Being the Oldest Child

This paper examines the benefits and downfalls of being on older child as it particularly relates to family relations and other siblings. These ...

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