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Business essay samples


Saudi Aramco

This study explores whether Saudi Aramco, a state-owned petroleum company, has developed new products or services that would be the company’s ...


Forward and Backward Integration

Forward and Backward integration are deliberate activities companies perform with the aim of reducing risks and interdependencies from external ...


Business Negotiations

A joint venture is basically a partnership between two different parties. This may include two different companies either international or local. ...


Business Plan Format

Business plan refers to the selling document that communicates the practicability and the promise of someone’s business to potential backers or ...


Home Depot Problem

In 2007, Robert Nardelli, the former Chairman and CEO of Home Depot, was ousted from his position by the Board of Directors, following accusations of ...


Axetem’s Foreign Operations

Multinational companies Operations Amidst Civil Violence Visa Vi Profit Potentials Any business world over is driven by the profit incentive that is ...


International Business Transactions

Question 1 MM is an affiliate company with the need to transact in the international business. The company reports a low capital outlay that can be ...


Attractiveness of Alternative Countries for FDI

Foreign direct investment occurs where a company or a country makes business investments in a given foreign country. This could be done by capital ...


Net Present Value

Currently the diversification of the business operations has implied that competition in the business sector have moved to the next level. Businesses ...

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