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Wound Management

There has been a revolution in wound management during the last three decades. The science of wound repair and regeneration has extremely advanced since the discovery of the first growth factor (epidermal growth factor) in 1962.  Other research has prompted the change from dry dressing techniques to the moist concept of wound healing. These two key techniques have resulted to rethinking of the wound management and repair a fact that has led to increased development of new wound dressings. There is inconsistence in management of both chronic and acute wounds, a fact that has made many governments spend excessively in facilitating the health budget. Progressive wound management does not only depend on use of modern wounds dressing method but also an understanding of the process of wound repair while at the same time adhering to the fundamental principles of wound management. This will increase and accelerate the process of wound healing as it a prerequisite for survival. If the body lacks the ability to heal the wounds, it can succumb to infection or haemorrhage.

The process of wound healing is a natural restorative response to injury of the tissue. Healing itself is an interaction of a complex cascade of cellular events which generate resurfacing, restoration and reconstitution of the tensile strength of the injured skin. As a process, healing is systematic and traditionally described in three classic phases that are made up of the following: inflammation, proliferation and maturation. Before treating any wound, the nurse has to essentially establish the underlying cause of that particular and consider some factors from the patient, which can hinder wound healing.  They then decide on the most suitable way of wound dressing and importantly how to maintain the healing process and prevention of recurrences.

Managing and Treating VAC Method
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