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Transportation is the movement of things or people from one place to another. There various modes of transportation which include infrastructure, operations and vehicles. The infrastructures consists fixed installation for transport. The infrastructures include roads, airways, waterways, canals and pipelines. There terminal infrastructures which include airport, railway station, bus and warehouse stations. The terminals are used in the change of passengers and cargo or taking of new passengers. The vehicles, which use the infrastructures, include bicycles, buses, automobiles, trucks, and aircraft.

The operation of the vehicles includes ensuring the movement and the transport system gets maintenance as required. The operation includes finance, time management and management of the vehicles. There individuals assigned the task of transportation, and they take care of all transportation issues in the transport sector. The professionals manage the operations and makes up new strategies for the running of the transport company. The finance department ensures that there are enough budgets to ensure the company does not collapse. The policies implemented get approval from the directors, and they remain biding until when the managers decides otherwise. In many countries, the transport means includes private and public. The public adds revenue to the government, and they get funds from government revenue. The private sector gets funds from private individuals or organizations.

Modern transportation has caused a problem to the environment and personal lives. Some vehicles cause air pollution. They produce a gas which affects the health of human beings. When individuals inhale the smoke they get a serious infection in the internal organs. The use of vehicles has also caused sound pollution. In the big cities, the business does not operate as usual because of the noise made by vehicles. The government and technicians should find other modes of transportation with min more side effects. People should prepare to find means of avoiding noise by building a house with sound proof.

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