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Torbay Strategy

Torbay is a natural harbor located in the south western parts of England and is bordered by to the south by Exeter and Plymouth to the east. Torbay comprises of three towns that are Torquay, Paignton and Brixham. In modern days, Torbay is one of the most popular tourist destinations recording an estimated 8.5 million visitors. The popularity of Torbay is as a result of its serene environment, picturesque harbors and white beaches. Apart from tourism being a key driver of Torbay's economy, fishing also contributes to a large context towards the economy of Torbay. Despite this, there is great disparity in income distribution in Torbay where the average income of a person in Torbay is 19.012 pounds compared to 22,512 pounds in the rest of the U.K.

Transport plays a key role in stimulating the economy of Torbay as the transport system links Torbay to the rest of the U.K as well as Devon. This later led to the Torbay's Department of Transport being awarded the most improved transport authority of the year. This was achieved through the upgrading of the transport sector through, increasing the buses, increasing accessibility to transport facilities and the use of modern technology in the transport sector.

However, there are a few key issues that need to be addressed with respect to transport in Torbay such as parking and health issue for the transport system to become even more efficient. Economic growth has also been identified as the key driver of the experienced changes in all the sectors of the economy. Some of the key areas that are a challenge to the government in Torbay are such as the enhancement of Torbay's built and natural environment, improving health and activity levels and better service delivery. Today, Torbay's Council aims at developing an even better transport plan that will lead to an even more efficient and sustainable transport system.

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