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The Disaster Management

The procedure by which the plan is carried out in four stages. The first being the mitigation processes which entail activities that are aimed at prevention of the occurrence of a disaster, minimizing the potential damages that might arise and preparatory measures that will be used to save the situation.

These incorporates the personal as well as the initiatives of the government and the concerned organizations in the relocation of people from flood prone areas to safer places, getting fire equipments ready for any fire incidents, arranging temporary shelters to the victims and stocking enough food an other necessities among other.

The people purchase insurance policies and have the necessary equipment for escape and safety as a way of being prepared, having the necessary telephone contacts to call at the disaster times. These take place before an emergency or disaster. Strikes.

The second stage is the responsibility of both the individual and the government a well as the humanitarian organizations becomes ready for the occurrence of any disaster in the future.

The third involves the response activities that include the rescue operations and the escape or mechanisms that individuals ought to take like first aid, taking access routes to the safer areas and swift motion to the incident scenes by the rescue officials.

The final stage involves the restoration efforts that are aimed at returning the conditions to normal and repairing the damages that the disasters have caused like resettlement, tracing of the separated families, rebuilding the facilities among others.

Integration of mitigation in the whole procedure. The most important of the procedures in disaster management is mitigation. This is because of the fact that it prepares the people in the disaster prone areas mentally and materially. In addition, the government and local authorities are at stake in conducting mobilization activities and awareness creation among the community and the measures needed to be taken for the same (Wisner, 2004).

This stage involves the contribution of the various organizations, like local authorities and voluntary organizations that identify potential disasters areas for the awareness of the people as well as encouraging them to take personal responsibility for their safety. This is a stage that is worth consideration and great investment in disaster management.

Mitigation Phase Managing and Treating
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