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Product Design

Product design in any business is very essential as it facilitates and influences the customers’ psychology and perceptions on the nature and the types of the products and services being offered in the market. The quality of the website in terms of design has a direct influence on the market status of the products being offered on the site. The design of the website should entice every viewer so that they keep visiting the site and at the same time recommend it to others(Reynolds, 1999). On the other hand a poorly designed and mismanaged website bores the viewer so much so that they may not be interested in looking at the site again.

A well designed website should have the hyperlinks, well designed and enticing structure, very excellent logos relevant to the site’s mission, easily located both primary as well as secondary navigation keys. Shopping bags as well as skip to top buttons should be included as well. The general guidelines for a good website development requires and includes  good planning for the website  any carrying out a detailed stakeholder analysis. According to Erik Johnson of the World Bank institute, he argues that any website that is aimed at achieving its goals must be properly marketed (Reynolds, 1999). Once the site has been hosted, it is followed by its marketing to enable the clients and all the would be users to know that it really does exist. In relation to this study the website of the National Museums of Australia has been used for analysis.

Marketability National Museum of Australia
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