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North-South Economic Integration

Thinking towards growth in the region of Western Hemisphere, particularly in Latin America, has improved significantly in the past decade. Economic combination between North and South America was very extraordinary until the early 1980s. After the Cold war, authorities in the Americas have commenced on focusing their attention to economic issues. However, as Latin America is currently moving beyond amendment and stabilization procedures into long-term economic strategies and regulations, one of the major challenges ahead of this is the route of economic integration.


It is commonly assumed that economic integration- irrespective of a nation's level of growth and industrial base - with trade generation and larger market access, specialization and cooperation in the economic sector, technological, business, education and cultural sectors, unrestricted movement of individuals and good, services and capital and political grouping, inspires a more balanced  international insertion. Moreover, amalgamation and across-the-board liberalization in Latin America are even viewed as financial and political essentials in order to enhance economic performance. This research attempts to examine and interpret the effort by various countries and authorities towards an economic integration of North and South America. Another objective is to try to single out the limits and obstacles in the countries' efforts to struggle for a functional and stable integration.  


In general views, this study tries to look at the opportunities open to Latin America in the changing international situation. The words in paper may have logical underpinnings, assumptions, incentives, and diverging strategies examinations. In addition, some interrelations between economics and politics, as assumed by different diverging strategies, will be examined. Two most important aspects of the integration process will be examined: enlargement and pronounced socioeconomic differences.

The north-south economical integration would require various various readiness indicators such as Prerequisite Trade and Investment Linkages, Monetary stability, currency stability external debt service, budget discipline as well as market-oriented policies.

Major participants in the  north-south economical integration are The Enterprise for the Americans Initiative, The Summit of the Americas, as well as Subregional Blockbuilding: MERCOSUL as the leading role players in the integration process.

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