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National Museum of Australia

With the recent advancement in technologies, especially that in computer information technology, specifically web hosting and the internet, several websites are being hosted by various organizations, institutions and individuals as a way of promoting effective communication with a good example being the website of the National museum Australia(Caruana, 1991). The question is whether website provides the means of effective communication or not. Various nations and individuals have managed to establish themselves in business through effective use of the internet websites through creative advertisements and information availed on their websites (Stanner, 1979). More often than not, the websites engage the reader so much so that the reader identifies himself or herself with the website. It is this effective engagement of the reader that the analysis of the National museum Australia is all about. The advancement in technology is both beneficial to the website users as well as entertaining more especially in the music industry. Whenever an individual uses any available technology be it for his own business gain or for the purposes of educating himself, then he finds it of great benefit in solving problems of everyday life. Individuals find it quite entertaining when browsing an interesting website on personal computers (Crotty, 2004). If the entertainment aspect is not felt then the value for effective communication is said to have been missed hence the need for the PAIBOC principle to ascertain effectiveness. It is only possible to browse through the internet if an individual has a computer that is connected to the main server or commonly known as the internet. Whenever a viewer is blindfolded and the purpose of the internet is met then the internet is said to have achieved the purpose for which it is intended for which its effective communication (Caruana, 1991).

The analysis of this follows the principles as stated by thePAIBOC which clearly defines whether website achieves its objectives in relation to: its purpose, whether the audience are engaged, reliable information is passed to the audiences, and the possibilities of any other derived benefits and within the context of objections if any.Starting with whether website meets its purpose, it is clear from its window displayed that the website in enriched with several events including the current exhibitions, ongoing events which are just a click away that really draws the attention of the website viewer so that they can perceive the museum and Australia in general as the safest and most comfortable destination to have a holiday in (Reynolds, 1999). It serves its main purpose of invitation to the museum. The attractive colours used in the design of the site acts as an attraction to the viewer who might have accidentally found his way to the website thereby the stranger is left with no any other option but to remain focused on to the website and catch up with the latest upcoming events. The audiences who are perceived as people who visit the website are well taken care of in the National Museum Australia website. Right from the time a guest logs in the site, the varied decorations at the very top of the site depicts the image of the snake running from right to left of the website. This picture in the image of the snake really depicts the museum scenario which is expected in any interesting museum. In addition, the site has a button for kids which host various events undertaken by children as well. This therefore implies that it suits varied audiences who are willing to travel for holidays in Australia. This implies that according to the PAIBOC principle of ensuring effective communication, the audiences are well taken care of and are properly engaged throughout the website.

As far as passing information is concerned, the National museum Australia provides relevant information necessary for the visitors as a guide throughout their stay. It outlines clearly what exactly the visitors should expect as far as the weather conditions are concerned, the available trips in various seasons and their predicted weather conditions, accommodation facilities and their prices, entry fee to the museum for various categories of individuals among others (Bain, 2005).  There is also a box where the visitor subscribes to the electronic news concerning the website which generally acts as a library of information that the visitor may need prior to the visit to the museum and during the entire stay at the museum.

There are also collection of various journals and calendars that are provided online. These may be necessary to the visitor especially those who may be in need of getting involved and looking at the background information of the museum as well the contributions made by other individuals to the museum. The information on when the museum was founded and its key founders is provided in one of the available related links to give to the reader a quick idea of the history of the site and their expectations before making the actual visit to the museum. Various pictures of the available creatures in the museums are attached on the website to equip the site viewer on the current developments in the museum so that they are actually attracted to the museum thereby enabling them achieve their marketing strategy through effective communication by providing relevant information to the audiences(Dawson,2004).

On the derived benefits of visiting the website, the user is made to understand informed on the available options so that he or she can decide by herself on which decisions to take. Various financial options are tabled to the readers so that they can choose for themselves on the available options as far as flight arrangements, accommodations, and events are concerned. Recruitment and educational opportunities have their links on the website where the individual who happens to access the internet can browse the various job openings and who knows they might secure employment opportunities as well as participate actively through donations and adoption of various animals not only found in the museum but also elsewhere within Australia. Among the very many quick links that are available on the site, the individual has the option where they can get involved by staging their on events which is considered their own benefit. The visitor has the option of inviting his/ her friends as well to the site (Keith, 2002).

A curious viewer may realise that some of the information provided in the website is just but business language which does not actually transform to the realities. This is because of the fact that the website is full of flowery language about the museum and Australia in general that a serious reader may simply object the information contained in the site since it puts the reader in a dilemma of not knowing what is to be perceived as either right or wrong. The second objection could rise due to the fact that the site is equipped with a lot of information so much so that the reader may fail to actually pay a visit to the site due to the feeling that he or she might be having full information concerning the museum. Last but not least according to the analysis of the website based on the PAIBOC principles, the website of the National Museum Australia leaves a positive contextual effect to the reader. Because the reader is kept engaged throughout the entire process of visiting the site, he or she is left convinced and persuades that the website offers the best educational and research facilities so much so that they might keep revisiting the site and even recommends it to others as well (Robert, (2003).         

In conclusion it can be clearly stated without any doubts that, the National museum Australia website has achieved more than three quarters of the set principles in effective communication except for the use of flowery language that leaves the reader flattered. Looking at the other side of the coin the website of the National Museum Australia totally and completely conforms to the PAIBOC principles of effective communication since the reader is kept engaged throughout the entire process throughout his journey at the website. It is worth noting that there is a clear rapport that is created between the reader and the website which forms the pillar for effective communication in business.

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