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African Americans have been performing poorly in their marketability in the global economy, more so when compared to other races in the United States. There is a need to understand the reasons behind the performance of African Americans and attempt to provide solutions that will change this trend.

Bruce (2005) observes that, in order to compete for the best positions globally, one needs to be marketable. Marketability has various connotations; in this case it refers to how desirable one’s skills are in the global economy (Ashton and Green 12). Marketability can also be understood in the realms of the global economy, a result of the intensification of international competition brought about by the integration of the world’s economies in to one global economy (Ashton and Green 3).

To start with, African Americans need to improve on their conceptual skills to reflect the modern forms of technology, which are primarily knowledge-based, that is, intensive use of conceptual skills (Ashton and Green 3). The global economy is increasingly becoming technology oriented, and African Americans, need to catch up with the technological requirements.

Education and training is provides a fundamental means to enhance the marketability of African Americans. There is a need to increase African Americans’ participation in the education system, especially the tertiary level of education. African Americans need also to be integrated in to the global economy as Bruce (2005) observes. This can be achieved through learning about the opportunities and challenges at the international work place. This can be achieved through increasing interaction with the outside world.

Improving on the above important areas will help increase the marketability of the African Americans in the global economy.

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