Employers’ Expectations

Employers’ expectations have been changing from time to time on what they expect from their employees and the ways of doing things in the company or organization. There are various issues that mainly involve the employers and the employee. In the past the employers were very much focusing on the amount of the work done, today there are several aspects which the employers look at and expect when assessing their employees’ performance although they are some which have not yet changed. Are there differences between past and present expectations by the employers?


Employers at one time expected a lot of work being done by their employees rather than present where the employers expect to get quality job. In both cases, the amount of work being done is looked at thoroughly in both cases. Currently, the dressing code has not been an issue that employers expect to be a big issue, as long as the dressing is up to required standards, then there is no worry. In the past most employers were calling upon the wearing of the same kind of dressing in the company which looked almost like a uniform to the whole company. In both cases, neatness is required and expected by employers. Employers currently expect their employees to be able to deliver and help the company as much as possible with even coming up with new ideas which was the opposite in the past, where the employers expected the employees to just perform their duties without the idea of giving new ideas being an issue. However, the employees were as well expected to perform and deliver as it is even today (Dale, 1990).

In the past, most employers expecting their employees work to be monitored each and every moment with a record of the list of jobs they were expected to complete unlike today where the employers expect every employee to monitor himself and work under minimum supervision. Unlike the past where the employers expected the employees to just know well about their area of specialization, presently the employers expect their employee to beware of all the activities in most departments and not only their areas of specialization. In the past employers expected employees to work on their own in contradictory today team work is very important. Loyalty to the organization is a common expectation for past and present (Thomas, 2004).

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