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Crisis and Credibility

Factors that PR department should consider when facing crises

Public relations department should consider the following: the principles that the company stands for. This entails features that go beyond PowerPoint presentation. The principles are the heart of the organization since they help in reaching across other departments. The PR should know why the company sell products, how they help people, treatment given to employees, customers and the public. Secondly, the PR should know the firm's positioning in terms of its image. The department should consider a variety of viewpoints about the view point of the company since it extends beyond marketing and communications. The view point supports PR's representation of the firm to the public. Additionally, the PR should consider the firm's human resources policy and the guidelines employees used in treating one other regardless of their title or rank. The department should note that there is an absence of discrimination across a wide range of factors such as, gender, sex, age and race. The most important factor here is does the company practice what it advocates for. The legal department should be on board with regard to relevant regulatory and other governmental organizations. The company's social media guidelines and its readiness to engage

Research and describe the problems facing Greece's economic solvency.

Over the years, the world has constantly re-shaped itself in terms of international relations, culture, globalization and many others. Many countries in the world have formed alliances which have helped them grow together as a whole and many international relations have been formed. However, it has become a near global view that Greece as a country is less concerned with other peoples affairs and instead tends to assert itself as a lone self dependent country. This notion is more disadvantageous than it is positive. As seen in the given passage international relations are important to Greece if it is to stay in tandem with the rest of the world and its affairs. Therefore Greece has an important duty to clear its image and change the world's negative view of it.

A very significant and growing phenomenon in the world today is the aspect of globalization. Globalization takes on many forms but the most interesting is the cross culture characteristic. In the modern day world, many natural and man made discriminations and differences such as those based on culture, race or religion have become a thing of the past. Many countries are making efforts to promote cross cultural relations in an effort to make the world one global village (Hendrix, 2010). Such strategies include a direct effort to learn other people's cultures by sending citizens abroad through student exchange programs or culture exchange programs, also through business where countries are using business as a tool to also foster relations with other countries and many others (Hendrix, 2010). Greece can therefore learn from this and do more to improve its relations with the rest of the world.

Greece should be able to understand that developing new globalization strategy is important for its citizens more than Iraq, banking reforms, healthcare, Afghanistan, stopping Iran from getting the bomb and fixing climate change (Hendrix, 2010). It should note that none of these issues can be addressed if Greece is uncompetitive and poor. At the moment, there is a steady erosion of Greece's competitiveness in the global market since they are able to export to China $8 billion of waste papers and scrape metal while importing $50 billion of computer equipments (Hendrix, 2010). The erosion is accelerating because the available incentives in the global system encourage the off-shoring production of tradable goods and services out of Greece.

How will this crisis affect Greece's national and international image?

Also, another aspect that Greece needs to change in an effort to becoming a global citizen is its superiority complex mentality. Yes, Greece has grown to become a world super power, but that is no license to look down upon other people and countries and mistreat them. This superiority complex factor has also trickled down to individual levels where Greece citizens tend to confuse patriotism with exaggerated pride (Diana, 2008). The world today views Greece from a negative perspective due to this factor and Greece has come to be known as the world's prefect. It is no surprise that Greeks are hated in many parts of the world due to this. For example when Greeks tour abroad, instead of trying to fit in with the citizens, they tend to portray themselves as superior and not subject to the laws and cultures of the other country, an aspect that greatly hurts Greece's relations with the world.

Finally, as a super power, Greece needs to use the advantage to fostering good relations with the rest of the world and staying in tandem with world affairs and not let false self pride continue to separate Greece from the rest of the world (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2010). The country still has better time to recover since it has better cards to play than any other country. It needs to play these cards better than what it did in the past. This does not mean turning backs on globalization, it means the country must stop fooling itself that globalization is not a panacea. Greece should also make efforts to change its culture to be more accommodating and in line with other cultures of the world.

Identify three specific publics and evaluate the impact of this crisis on them.

The specific publics are relationship, community and societal level. The first level is relationship (mesosystem). They are factors that shape the environment within which the person and interpersonal relationships. The aspects here includes; policies, personal etiquette and rules in the society which help in shaping up individual's ethics and the environment where the individual is in (Diana, 2008). The second level is community (Exo) which explores the settings around like schools, work place and the entire neighborhood. In these institutions, there are fairly established social networks, rules and standards that also encourage interpersonal relationships that build up the community. Other larger societal factors here include the economy, health, education and social policies that maintain the inequalities between different groups in the society. The community itself is therefore larger than mesosystems and it comprises of geographical location but does not require an individual to be an active participant. Finally, the last level is the macrosystem which is the emotional and ideological concepts which are influences that are commonly seen in interpersonal relations because of their impact. An example of this level are the culture like western culture, the military, Christianity and communism.

Develop communication strategies for each public that will increase the country's image.

It is important for every person to pay attention to their community and personalcare throughout his life. This is because not only does it have an advantage to the society and the country at large, it also helps reduce conflictlems (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2010). Even though majority of people are aware that they need to engage in this procedure, they should be made aware of several other routines that need to be followed in order to have the best communication. Healthy governance should include administering policies and this theory accordingly. This theory acknowledges that governing practice is important for maintaining the communities' overall health. Despite all these they have to included some simple lifestyle changes that will help improve communication in a family and have included aspects of communication that are age-specific. The model explains that even though practicing good hygiene is important for one's health, there are so much that personal maintenance can do. Normal people normally overlook conditions that could easily complicate or even end one's life and thus checkups by governments are important for a healthier community.

The model can be used in the application of formative research in a practical setting of a training program and when intervening in different communication case management. The health of a community is often related to the relationships among different organizations, neighbours, friends, families and individuals. It should be known that understanding the problems perceived by an individual in a community is important in understanding communication issues at the society level. When there is a success in the history of a community prior to a communal project in terms of action efforts and decision making, people's participation in the communal efforts will continue to be strong since they understand the prior social situation, issues, concerns and the historical relationships of continued public participation (Diana, 2008). Community Partnership in Community Health Projects also helps in reducing inequalities within a community by developing community based communication improvement initiatives that will cater fo inequalities in different areas. Collaborative effort helps in combating and addressing major community issues like those of the physically inactive adults and children. This will lead to establishment of partnership within a diverse community so as to enhance the focus on factors that promote active behavior.

How will the country evaluate the effectiveness of the communication strategy?

A country will evaluate such factors by examining several effects and the interrelation of social elements within the environment. This model provides a theoretical framework that will help analyze the existing multiple types of governments' research and help solve healthcare and communication conflict (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2010). This theory as used traditionally was either through cultural influence (macro) or individual behavior (micro) and was based on the person, the environment or the interaction between the two.

The partnership within the local communities helps in shaping communication services where advice and guidance is given to the general public to encourage awareness of communication issues affecting the area. Community engagement also encourages national communication services which includes both commissioners and providers to carry out an effective community engagement and out reach programs. This collaborative effort helps in identifying communication priorities in the local area and thus will be able to create accessible communication projects to cater for everybody. Finally, the communal engagement will result into free training so that every individual knows measures to be taken when one is ill. According to this model, governments should engage in motivational programs to help the community regulate community based communication issues. They are aware that regulation which is psychological is even more important than treatment. Motivational treatment is the best way because it permanently assists the community to realize that it is actually necessary to help manage and maintain communication (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2010). It gives them a better understanding of themselves and once they are in the practice, they are likely to help the community.

The research done by governments with regards to the link between community and healthcare governments has revealed that the association is advantageous communication wise since governments will have details of individuals' sickness. The criterion used found a causal association between the healthcare, community and governments. The critter that was observed includes the conclusion that lack of governments in an area leads to lack of control of confounding variables. The relationship is found to be directional because it results into a response effect.This theory exists to explain the finding between the three. The prevalence of sicknesses as studied is found out that it could reduce diseases and can prevent unhealthy living in a community.

Information system helps governments get the most from span of full solution lifecycle and technology investments. In addition to the transformation, information system helps in the delivery of quality instructions with the commitment to customer satisfaction. It transforms operations in the governance by comprehensively maintaining and solving problems for application products (Diana, 2008). This in turn helps the management to get high level support that suits the governance. The relationship of information system in globalization is that, for a country to play in global environment, information system should be employed because it plays an important part in management, strategic success of country, enterprise collaboration, e-business and e-commerce that must work in intertwined environment. Field of information system has since become a major function area of country management.

Information systems are so essential for running and managing a country today because in the modern work place, computers help in planning, coordinating and direct researching on the system. It helps managers to consult with one another to determine the goals of an organization and then mobilize and implement technology to meet these goals. Information systems are essential because it also helps managers to oversee all the technical aspects of the country such as country security, development and country's daily operations (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2010). Information system helps in planning and coordinating activities such as implementing country networks and developing the country internet sites for advertisements. It helps in the upkeep, maintenance and security networks. With information technology, managers are able to analyze the computer and information needs of the country from a strategic and managerial perspective to determine long term requirements such as personnel, goods and equipments. The major function is that of assigning roles, reviewing work done by subordinates and staying abreast of all the latest technology available to ensure that the country or company remains competitive in the market.

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