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California Agricultural Productivity

California is one of the most productive regions in the country, taking into consideration the agricultural productivity. Many features have contributed to the productivity. The most important factors include environmental and social. California produces about 8 percent of the nation’s agricultural produce. In 2002 produced about 17 million dollars in total for the agricultural products. The grown crops include grapes, tomatoes, almonds, cotton, asparagus and apricots which are exported and used in the region. Those crops compound the primary source of food crops used by people of the United States of America through out the year. The geographical position of California has assisted in high yield of agricultural products (Garone 213).


The Central Valley, the largest part of California, has contributed to the large agricultural yield of the area. It covers about 22,500 square miles which amounts to 13.7% of the whole region of California. Along the valley there are many rivers and lakes like Lake Mississippi, which is the largest in America. The rivers passing through California include the Sacramento River, American and Feather rivers, the San Joaquin River. They pass through the Central Valley, and assist much in agriculture. Agriculture in California depends much on irrigation, and water for irrigation is drown from rivers and wells. The irrigation supports growth of crops through out the year and this ensures much yield. The region has favorable soils for crop growing and this assists in harvesting high yield crops (Arthur and Colbert 554).


California provides food crops for the whole country. The government should support in improving the productivity of the land.

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