A Worm

A worm is a computer algorithm or program that duplicates and/ or replicates itself within the computer network (Singleton, Singleton & Gottlieb, 2006, p. 28). The problem is not just in replication but the fact that in replication, it utilizes the resources that are set for the network processes with the possibilities of causing the whole system to dysfunction leading to a shutdown (Singleton, Singleton & Gottlieb, 2006, p. 28).

A Mass-Mailing worm

A mass-mailing worm is a computer algorithm created in such a way that once it has access to one mail access, it then sends mails to all those mail addresses that it finds in the mail list while masquerading to be originating from the owner of that email. A good example of a mass-mailing worm is the Bugbear Family that rocked the Internet system 2006 (Singleton, Singleton & Gottlieb, 2006, p. 28). In late 2003, a mass-mailing worm wrecked havoc on the system and it went with a code name W32.Sobig.F@mm.

Denial of Service Attack

Denial of service attacks are the kind of attacks that are targeted on organizations’ information systems in such a way that the system is brought to a complete halt and these are specialized in that they target the servers (Singleton, Singleton & Gottlieb, 2006, p. 29) and Berkowitz (2003; Smith, 2004). There are versions of denial of services like distributed denial of service (DDOS) where multiple attacks are launched at the same time without the consent of the computer owner (Smith, 2004).


Cookies are a set of computer files that are stored within the computer the first time the user visits a certain website and the information is stored within that users’ computer (Smith, 2004).

Cookies should be blocked in the event that they come from third parties. For example, if cookies are launched on double click as some do, should be blocked. There are cookies that tend to store personal information and they too must be blocked. It is known that hackers are used to tampering with computer logs where cookies are stored (Smith, 2004) hence cookies that intend to house personal information should also be blocked.

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