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The Gift

Gifts are the priceless favors we receive from our friends, relatives and God. They could be seen or unseen. As we receive these favors, we should strive to do the same without reservations. The price for these gifts should only be appreciation for the gift. Most developing countries experience a slow growth rate due to the gap between the rich and the poor. Wealth is a gift from God and this gift should be used to help the poor. In most cases, the rich use their wealth to exploit the poor and make them richer. Those who share their wealth get even more than what they give while those who keep the wealth to themselves may lose it. Therefore, it is advisable for the rich to thank God for the gift of wealth. This can only be done by helping the disadvantaged in the community.

Gifts are given to us without the demand for payment; we should also share this gift with other people without demanding for payment.

Wealth is an integral part of the human being coexistence. We all desire to be wealthy, but since it is a gift from God, only a few are given. It is the moral obligation of those gifted to share the wealth with the poor in the community such as the orphans, the widows and the sick. The fact that we accept the gift gives us the obligation to share with other people without demanding any payment. The more we give back to the society, the more we will receive. This is evident in the text where it is said that refusal to give is refusing to accept. In the present world, the poor form the majority of the population with most people living below the poverty line. People are so selfish that they will strive to steal from that does not have wealth to make them richer. This is different from the past where property was owned communally, and people would share whatever little they had. The spirit of brotherhood promoted peace among the communities. This evident by the fact that total prestation does not only mean repaying the gifts but also the ability to give and receive the gifts.

Women are considered a source of wealth to the family. The text brings out the position of the girl child in the community as a source of wealth while the boy child is brought up to stand for himself. The girl is also brought out as being inferior and cannot make decisions on her own. Children are a gift from God. These texts shows how people do not appreciate the gift they get from God and misuse them for their selfish interests. This is evident in Samoa where people valued wealth. As the child is born, his parents receive gifts from different people during the naming and marriage ceremony. These children are a source of wealth both to their parents and the community at large which comes from the parents who adopt him. For instance, in Melanesia, a sister’s son could inherit his uncle’s property. This encourages the retention of family property as the child’s maternal property is transferred to her paternal family.

Happiness and peaceful coexistence are also gifts that we receive from God. As we live happy lives, we should also strive to make other people happy. Through encouraging them, sharing our experiences with them and making them smile; we will have shared the gift that was given freely to us. The present world is full of hatred and jealous. People would not like to see their neighbors prosper and would do anything to ensure their neighbor does not rise to higher levels of education or does not become rich. Most people are influenced by the desire to be powerful and control the world than the desire to help other people. For instance, most politicians are driven by their selfishness. They would do anything to get votes.

The original owners of a given property have a spiritual affiliation to the property and deserve a replacement in case it is taken from them. Even when he abandons it, he still remains the legal owner. This property could have been acquired through sweat, struggle and sacrifice and anyone who takes it without repaying will be cursed. This is evident in the present world where there are increased cases of theft, robbery with violence and even murder. Most people are not content with the little that they have and would use every means possible to get what they do not have (Rice 55). The property acquired through dubious means has the spirit of the original owner and does not help the thief much. Hertz stated that subsequent transfer of property from the original owner to several other people without the satisfaction or replacement of the gap left by the property does not break the bond between the owner and the property. In Australia, it is observed that a man who hunts game meat for his parents cannot eat the meat in their presence because he is not the owner of the meat.   

Human beings have an obligation to the gods for all the favors they receive. Sacrifices offered to the gods encourage them to intercede on behalf of the living. It also enhances a good relationship between the ancestors after whom people are named. These beliefs promoted peace and harmony among families and communities. Presently, human beings have an obligation to thank God for the gift of life. This makes Him happy with our generation and blesses us with our desires. Evident from the Toradja and Celebes, human beings have to buy their needs from the gods and the gods have their own ways of repaying them.

Human beings expect hospitality from the rest of the community. The more we interact with people, the more we get to understand and appreciate their roles in our success. As these people assist us achieve our goals, we should appreciate them by giving gifts. These gifts do not have to be in monetary terms, but mere vote of thanks will make that person feel appreciated. We should always be ready to give and not expect to be gifted each time. In this sense, we should do to other people exactly what we expect them to do for us. This is evident in the obligation to give and the obligation to receive. Giving back to society is our duty as members of the community. Most people are raised from poor backgrounds to prominent people in the society, yet they do not appreciate those who raise them (Rice 29). These people may be the teachers, parents or other members of the community. After rising to prosperity, they forget their roots and despise those in the lower ranks of the community. We should always remember where we are from and appreciate our past.    

In conclusion, gifts have been perceived as free. This perception is wrong because a favor done should be repaid by another favor. As we interact with other people and God, we should ensure we maintain a good rapport with them. Gifts can be in form of wealth, children or peaceful coexistence. Both God and fellow human beings play a major role in our lives. An individual’s property is bonded to him, and any separation should be substituted by a similar property. 


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