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The Friends

Friends are usually the easiest to approach. One can talk to them effortlessly about anything at any time. You do not require being cautious when talking to them. They also tend to understand one better since being of the same age group; they go through the same things. Spending more time with them also gives one an opportunity to talk to them more. You are capable of learning from them while they talk. One is also able to choose the right friends for himself/herself from the way they talk. Their talks can either draw one closer to them or push one away (Greven & Acedera, 2009).

Talking to friends does not involve a lot of rationalization; they are spontaneous and respond immediately. They often sympathize with you in whatever situation and make you feel appreciated. Talking to them eases life’s experiences and gives one a desire to try things out. They give you a chance of exploring your capabilities and are willing to see you through your efforts.

Friends’ talks are very influential especially those that are not purpose driven. Talking to them gives one an idea that more often than not is not appreciated by the parents. They may weaken the parent-child relationship in an effort to strengthen one between themselves. Their positive talk affects one’s life and helps them to have a positive attitude towards life.

Talking to friends also allows one to pour out their fears and problems. It might be difficult for an individual to discuss a number of issues with their parents as opposed to his/her friends. They’re always prepared to pay attention or suggest solutions. The environment around friends gives one a chance to be himself/herself.

In conclusion, friends are more approachable and easier to talk to unlike the mothers. Talking to mothers though has a greater positive impact on one’s life than talking to friends. It is thus advisable for on to balance both talking to moms and to friends for a better relationship between the two. Advice from the mothers is conversely not the best at all times. Some of the moms want their children to be what they wanted to be but didn’t. They tamper with their children’s choices and deny them the chance of being what they want.

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