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Support at Work

For the group of staff in the case, the functions of support at work include increase of the staff morale and, hence, increase in the productivity; reduction of stress at work by the means of mutual support at departmental levels; reduction of the work load due to its detrimental effects to both the clinical officers and the patients; management’s and leaders’ understanding of the day work and duties of a clinical officer; nurturing of team spirit and team work; development and  provision of a clear strategy for solving problems and avoiding last minutes tactics.

The blocks to support at the personal level are individual recognition, reduction of workloads, appraisal for work well done, supportive environment at work as well as outside of work in families and other support groups. Professional blocks include necessary training, professional work supervision, and management. Blocks to support at the organizational level include the need for more funds for the health clinic, on one hand, and neutralization of the political pressure on the other.

Gender played a significant role in this case study. At the lower level of staff, there is an equal number of male and female staff members. However, there is gender inequality on the management level as there is only one woman among four men occupying a head position. Consequently, it is vivid that the authority favors male dominated leadership compared to female. On the discussion organized by Andrew, the female staff members not only expressed other staff’s miseries, but also suggested possible solutions to the problems as well as measures to improve the working environment through the adaptation of the health centre policies. At the discussion Barbara, Moira and Helen proposed the most insightful ideas on how to improve the situation. Another contributing factor to problems within the health unit is the absence of women in the management.  If there would be a chance for women to be promoted to higher positions as well as management, the health centre might have avoided current scandals and inefficiencies they have caused. 

Pythagoras Theorem Leadership Style
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