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A stereotype is a perception that a certain group of people creates towards another person, or group of persons, depending on the distinct characteristics of the targeted individual or group. Many people tend to suffer from stereotypes, which often lower their self-esteem.

In the present world, most people view females as a weaker sex compared to their male counterparts. Society consider certain jobs and responsibilities as suitable for men, and others for women. An example is that of household chores.

Many times, I find myself in the middle of depression, as a result of stereotypes from people around me. I always interact with people of different cultures, race, religion, skin complexion, and body size.

However, the problem comes when people start making stereotypic allegations about me. For instance, currently, I am 31 years. Most people believe that people who are above 30 years should not attend parties and clubs. This annoys me because I believe that everyone has a right to have fun.

Another stereotype that I have suffered on many occasions has something to do with my nationality. I am polish, and my accent is similar to that of a nanny. This accent has made me a victim of stereotypes on many occasions. Some of my colleagues do not believe me when I tell them that I have a degree in architecture and work in my field.

The other stereotype is about me being a female and a foreigner. Many people can hardly realize that a women like me being a foreigner can work as an architect. Some think that since I am a woman, the only thing that I can do to perfection is domestic chores.

Response to stereotype

Stereotypes usually irritate me. I believe that it is unfair for one to criticize me on the grounds of my nationality, complexion, sex, or my accent. The reason why stereotypes upset me is that I have no control and cannot change that personal distinctive features that people stereotype me.

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