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Sociology is the study of the of societal classes and its effects on the financial system and the nation. So many theories have developed to explain societal conflicts and its impilication on organisation. One such theory is by Ralf  Dahrendorf. Ralf was  German-British sociologists. His most influential work was on social inequality and,  it was documented in his book Class and Class Conflict in industrial society, which was published,  in 1959. Ralf defines class as group conflict brought  about by difference in authority and power. He notes that conflict between classes is as a result of authoritarian and dictatorial leadership. It is this relationship between the powerful and the powerless that generates social change but not necessarily through a revolution. The object of such war is the status quo.

According to Ralf, the convergence of different types of conflict (class, religion and ethnic conflict superimposed on one another) increases the intensity of the struggle  but not the violence of the clash. To him intensity was the energy use, and it varied from low to high. The high is when class conflict involves members of  total personalities. Low intensity stuggle occurs when a conflict involves one part of the members’ personalities.

In terms of class versus stratification, those who increase violence and intensity are those who  the have high status, have a high income, are in authority and they own property. On the other hand, the high mobility and open classes decrease the intensity of class conflict while the closed class and low mobility increase the intensity of class conflicts.

In summary, Ralf,  German- British sociologists came theory of class and class conflict. He argues that the driving force behind social conflict is social development. He also adds that superimposition of class interests contributes to the intensity of the struggle.

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