Soccer or football

Soccer or football is the most popular game in the world. It unites more than two hundred countries, hundreds of millions of people playing it, and billions of fans around the globe, who cheer for their favorite team. Modern football originated in England in the middle of the nineteenth century. For the last few centuries, it has spread through the planet. This paper discusses the definition of soccer, how to play it, as well as the difference between it and American football.

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Soccer is a team sports game. A soccer match is played by two teams. Each of them consists of no more than 11 players, including a goalkeeper (Federation Internationale de Football Association 18). The minimum number of the members on the bench is established by the rules of the competition. Usually, it involves 7 players. It is allowed to replace no more than 3 players for the match. The goal is to score the ball into the opponent's gate with feet or other parts of the body (except hands) more times than the opposing team (Federation Internationale de Football Association 43). The tactics of the soccer game is the art of the players within one group to use all its gaming capabilities against the opponents. Practically, it is expressed in some specific offensive system of sending the ball and the rapid movements of members with and without it for the final throw of it into the opponent's gate; and, in a protective system of actions, it aimed at depriving the opponent of the opportunity to score a goal.

The soccer is played by the round shaped ball. Officially, it has five sizes. In various competitions under the jurisdiction of FIFA, they use the ball of the fifth size. The rules of the game of soccer have found that its ball should have weight no more than 450 grams and have the circumference of 68-70 cm (Federation Internationale de Football Association 15). Soccer balls are now made mainly of synthetic materials. In the past, it was usually performed from leather. Now, the balls have the original design for each competition.

Soccer is played on the special field size of 100-110 m to 64-75 m (F?d?ration Internationale de Football Association 7). Field coverage is usually chosen based on weather conditions and the location. It can be grass or artificial cover, which has some properties close to the grass. The field is divided into two halves using the midline. The central circle, the penalty area, and the goalkeeper's square must be marked on the playing field. Goal line is the width of the grassland. Corner flags are set in the corners of the field.

The gates are set in the middle of the goal line. They consist of vertical racks, located at the equal distance from corner flagpoles and connected with the top by a crossbar. The distance from the horizontal bar to the ground is 2.44 m, and the width between the racks is 7.32 m (F?d?ration Internationale de Football Association 9). Nets can be fixated to the ground and the goals. They must be securely fixed and positioned so as not to disturb the goalkeeper. Racks and cross beams of goals are white.

Field players playing for one team must have the same color form. However, the goalkeeper's form should be different from them. Also, one of the requirements of rules of soccer is that the form of the referee must be different from the playersВ’. A football judge must perfectly know the rules of football and perform them impeccably. There are the main referee and two assistant referees (linesmen) along the length of the field from different sides on the playground during the match. Linesmen follow and determine the offside position, as well as the moments in the game, when the ball completely leaves the field. Recently, to help the main referee there are two more judges on the goal line, who will determine the position of the ball.

The soccer match lasts 90 minutes. There are 2 forty-five minutes times (F?d?ration Internationale de Football Association 30). There is a fifteen-minute break between them. At the end of each time, the referee adds to the time of the half-time the period left for substitutions, the intervention of doctors, deliberate delaying the game, etc. There are no strict rules for the calculation of additional time. The arbiter appoints it on his own opinion and can extend the game. The competition regulations may require two additional fifteen-minute points with a five-minute break for the resolution of draws. If it is a friendly match, then there is no extra time. If the score at the end of this period is equal, the penalty shoot-outs are punched. Teams break through the series of five penalties. The team that scores more goals in the entire series wins. If the winner is determined before the end of it (for example, after four penalties, the score is 3: 1), the series ends. If there is still a tie, the groups beat one penalty each, until the winner is determined.

If the ball flows from the gates, a corner flag, a referee or an assistant referee remain on the field, it is believed that it is in the game. In the soccer rules, the goal is considered as a complete crossing of the goal line between the goalposts and the crossbar. The team, who scored the goal, gets one point. Another situation in football, which constantly leads to numerous disputes, is the position out of the game. Offside is fixed by the assistant referee. At the moment when he or she determines it, he or she signals the flag rising up. The game at this time stops, and the ball enters the play with the opposite team. Offside is considered the position, during which the players of the attacking team are behind the ball line and the penultimate defense player when receiving a pass.

There is a list of violations described in the rules of the game of soccer, which is constantly being changed. Based on this list of violations of the rules of the play, the referee must make a fair decision in favor of one or another group. Basically, those ones are direct and indirect free kicks (Fraser 41). For the serious violations, a player can get punishments in the form of yellow and red cards. The referee gives the one a red card, for the particularly dangerous offense or for the second yellow card.

Despite the fact that soccer is called football, it has little in common with American football. They are both team games. Each team consists of eleven players. The aim is to get the ball into the scoring goal. However, the rules of the games and principles of scoring are totally different. The goal of the play in American football is to move the ball towards the end zone on the opponent's side and earn points. The ball can be carried in hands, thrown, and passed to teammates. Points can be earned in many ways, including a successful pass of the ball into the end zone or above the crossbar (В“Beginner's Guide to FootballВ”). The key elements of the play are the field sized 110 m to 49 m, an oval elongated leather ball with lacing (Gifford).

The field marking is absolutely different. In American football, it is divided into parts by the lines of 5 yards; and every 10 yards is numbered. There are two special zones on the field on each side. The end zone that brings the points, and the red zone triggers from the end zone to the 20 yard mark. At the end of the field on each side, there are the gates, the crossbars, which are located behind the playing field. The width of the goal is 6 meters. The height from the ground to the crossbar is 2.5 meters; and, above the crossbar, it is not less than three meters (Gifford).

In American football, there is the strict specialization of players; the whole team is divided into offense, defense, and special teams. Thus, professional groups can claim up to 53 people. Each player has a certain role. There is a huge amount of all possible combinations, both in attack and in defense for different constructions and compositions of the members.

I have played both soccer and American football. In my opinion, soccer is easier to play. The key to successful games is in the speed and coherence of group. It is less traumatic as an injury to another player is severely punished. American football is a contact sport. Physical strength, speed, and sprint ability play a very important role. Otherwise, you will not be able to play this game. The chance to get a trauma playing American football is very high. I think I would not give my child to such sport.

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In conclusion, soccer is a kind of sport that has become global. People all around the world play it. Each match is a fight between the two teams. They compete in speed, agility, and the ability to choose the right strategy. The rules of the game are quite simple and absolutely different from American football. In my own experience, I can say that soccer is more based on the team game and then on the individual qualities of each player.

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