Schema Therapy

This is a term used in psychology to describe various concepts, these includes; the concept of alexa, these are our thought and behavior in an organized manner. Schema also describes certain knowledge and its structure. Schema describes how assumptions and knowledge in something is organized in a specific way. This structures help in interpreting and processing of information. A schema could be for oneself, others, roles or occupations and situations. In most situations our attention is influenced by schemata. Any contradicting thing is interpreted in our mind a unique.

Schemata influence our thinking and perception. Therefore, schema has a likelihood of interruption. The theory of Schema was introduced by a psychologist known as Frederic Bartlett between 1886 an 1969.Frederic introduced this concept with a view that knowledge is a representation of mental structures that explains a persons understanding of the world. This concept was further developed by R. C. Anderson. Although the concept was not entirely new, Anderson came up with a wide meaning of the concept.  In 1926 a psychologist known as Jean Piaget came up with the term schema. In our daily situations schema helps in constructive processing. In interpreting information no effort is needed since processing of information is automatic.

People are able to handle new situations due to the existing schema. Through schema the mind is able to enter information, store and retrieve information when needed. During information processing information is stored in visual and echoic memory. Information that is important is stored while less important information is lost. Eye witness memory is highly regarded in a court of law. The memory of an eye witness is sometimes not accurate due to the interference of these memories, thus retrieval becomes hard. (Young 2003)

According to research, information is best retrieved if a person is in a similar situation as when the information was encoded. Therefore eyewitness memory is not accurate due to the difficulty encountered in encoding and retrieval of information.

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