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Rollo May Discussion

Rollo May is a great psychologist, whose discussion of courage is relevant to authentic leadership. Rollo uses the word "courage" to mean authenticity, which he describes as the ability of a person to raise beyond a persons' anxiety. In leadership courage is a virtue that should be possessed by everyone. It is through courage that leaders are able to face challenges. Rollo further emphasizes motivation as a dimension of leadership as well as describes various motives of individuals that every leader should be aware of.

Authentic leadership involves understanding differences in individuals. Just as love and will are important for a person, so are they important in leadership. Rollo explains that a person should have the ability to make wishes which are realistic possible. These wishes should be supported by will and courage to make them come true. This is what makes up authentic leadership. In his book, Rollo discusses courage as an ability to create personal value. This value  should be based on will and not on force.

This is to avoid controversies in leadership. Sartre’s concept of "Mauvais Fois" is as well relevant to authentic leadership. Sartre’s concept is referred to as "bad faith". He argues that human beings assume foreign values and lose their freedom to act realistically. Sartre argues that this happens due to pressure of the society. External factors prevent people from doing what they think they should do. Based on this argument is the fact that people guide themselves towards developing their choices. In leadership Sartre’s concept is relevant in a sense that a leader should accept people’s choices regardless of whether they are accepted by the rest of the society.

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