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Research Methods in Psychology

The discussion seeks to identify if research methods can be regarded as godly. In general principles, research methods are inspirational in nature; they give guidance and inspiration to the psychologists towards the highest standards of the profession's ethical ideals (Breakwell et al., 2006). They inspire readers of scriptures such as exodus, which explains how God incorporates the wisdom, knowledge, understanding and kinds of workmanship in Bezael. The book of proverbs 3: 27 is among the many that relate psychology to be godly.

The first ethical principle of Psychology is beneficence and Nonmaleficence. It is important to note that the principle reflects on what the scripture gives for conflict resolution. The second principle is fidelity and responsibility. This requires a relationship of trust among the psychologists. The psychologists are urged to be aware of their professional and scientific responsibilities to society and communities to observe continuous professionalism. A similar demand is made in the scripture reading, in exodus. The third principle is integrity. In this principle, the psychologists are required to practice the art of promoting accuracy, honesty and trustworthiness in the science of teaching and practice of psychology (“Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct”, 2012). The fourth general principle requires psychologists to practice justice to all persons, irrespective of their positions or status in the society. Psychologist's actions are supposed to benefit people in equal dimension in terms of process and procedures of their services (Breakwell et al., 2006). The scripture in Matthew recognizes the need for people to be just, through love to all. The last principle is respect for people’s rights and dignity. This principle requires that Psychologists practice the ideals of respect the dignity towards every individual's confidentiality, privacy, and self-determination. Psychologists are conscious that special safeguards may be essential in an effort to safeguard the rights and welfare of vulnerable persons or communities.

The comparison of research methods and religion denotes that the former may be regarded as godly in its manner of ensuring activities are carried out in the most effective manner.

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