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The term radar is an acronym derived from the words radio detection and ranging. Radar, therefore, reefers to the process of using waves to denote the existence of objects in the atmosphere. The discovery of this vital equipment dates back in the 19th century experiment of Heinrich Hertz. This scientist discovered that radio waves could be reflected by metallic objects. This increased the chances of developing a system that could be used for aerial surveillance purposes. This technology remained unexplored for the remaining part of the 19th century. However, things changed during the 29th century. A German scientist called Christian Huelsmeyer used the radar technology to create an elementary ship detection device to help evade collisions in mist. Since that development, radar technology gained popularity rapidly. Every country considered the radar as extremely useful tool in war matters. This paper will high the inventions and significance of the radar in the cold war.

Radar technology was adopted in the military immediately after the Second World War. Countries realized the importance of owning the technology of surveillance purposes. The technology was regarded by countries a powerful tool for observing the enemy. This curiosity and the need to spy on your neighbor originated from the second world. The events of the second world thought countries some powerful lessons in regard to surveillance. Countries in Europe and the United States knew the significance of the radar in future military activities.

America was predominantly anxious about the military developments in Russia and other emerging super powers. Between the age of 1934 and 1939, some countries developed and build defense systems in secrecy. Great Britain shared the technology with its common wealth members in an attempt to protect all her interests. By the end of 1940, most countries had acquired the radar. Britain, France, German, Russian, Italy, Japan, Netherlands and the United States and acquired the technology for military purposes.

The radar was regarded as the best defense security strategy. With the radar, the issue of surprise attacks was not possible. Surprise attacks were an essential tactic in war; they were used to launch attacks against their enemies. The radar was needed urgently by countries for protection purposes. In France, radar technology was discovered in 1934, by the end of 1939, the system was in place. France used radar chains to protect naval bases along the Atlantic Ocean, English Channel, and the Mediterranean. The technology was further used to build mobile early warning detection systems.

Radar systems boosted the capacity of land, air and sea forces in both defensive and offensive duties. It was difficult for enemy countries to plan and carry out surprise attacks. The biggest challenge was between Russia and the United States. These countries completed strongly to out do each other militarily. Even at present, Russia and the United States tried  to out do each other militarily even though the competition has slowed down. There was a lot of animosity between these two states. Russia, the king of communism by the tried from roughly 1941 to 1191 to out perform the western world led by the United States.

There was increased military pressure, political conflict, and economic competition between the communist world and the capitalist world. Russia and its allies preferred communism while the United States and most western states favored capitalism. There was heightened tension between these two forces led by their protagonists the United States and Russia. The radar was particularly crucial in this cold war. Each country needed the technology that could see it what its perceived enemy was doing. Russia used the radar technology to discern what the United States was doing in its armory.

Trouble started immediately after the defeat of the Nazi Germany, the United States and Russia begun viewing each other with suspicion. Although this outstanding conflicting forces never went to war, there was increased tension between these countries and there alliances. The radar technology was used for various purposes. The United States used the radar technology to create defense systems around its bounders and those of its allies. The united states further use the technology to spy on Russian military activities. Through the radar, the United States was able to observe what Russia was doing in terms of building its military capacity.

The discovery of the radar and its versatility escalated tension between Russia and the United States. Russia’s approach to global issues worried the United States. In as much as Russia seamed quiet on diplomatic fronts, that was not entirely true. The country was busy building and developing its military capability. The United States saw itself as the prime target for Russia. The United States further saw the need to construct defense systems around its allies. All this was in an anticipation of attack from Russia and its allies.


The radar was not only helpful to the United States and its allies, but it was also of importance to Russia. The radar technology increased spying activities between these two countries and their allies. Russia used radar systems to spy on United States defense strategies in pentagon. It was able to observe what the United States was doing to boost its military capability. Although the cold war ended in early 1990s, there is still suspicion among the United States and Russia. Competition between Russia and the United States still exists up to date although the rivalry has shifted from the radar to other sophisticated digital technologies.

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